When Does Your Belly Button Quot Pop Quot

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Mandy - January 4

I'm 19 weeks as of today, and just curious as to when my belly button will become on 'outie'. Right now, it looks a bit shallower then it did before I got pregnant, but I'm not sure.


CM - January 4

Hi, I'm not too sure if everyone's does "pop" I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and mine's still an "innie". I guess it also depends on how your belly is growing too...mine is really low so maybe thats why mine's still "in". That doesnt really answer your question but i though i'd just mention mines still an "innie"


Elizabeth - January 5

I was wondering the same thing. I am 22 weeks and still an innie.


lilmama - January 5

Mine never popped with my first, even though i poked at it everyday! I wanted it to pop out sooo bad lol! I have never known anyone else whos didnt pop out though, maybe im just weird


Jeni - January 6

Hey everyone im in my first pregnancy and my belly b___ton has been an outtie for almost two months im 51/2 months pregnant currently.


Lana - January 10

Hi!! I'm 5mths and !week, and I hope that I don't get an outie! I have a bellieb___ton piercing that I dont want to pop out!!


bry - January 10

not everyones pops, with my first it never did!!!!


krista - January 12

with my first it never poped out, and my second it did at the last month or so, now i am 5 months and 2 weeks and it is almost poped out all the way so i think it just depends on how u carry ur baby with this one i am carring very low so thats prob. why mine is almost out already


melody - February 7

well with my first two my belly b___ton was an outie i had friends that were innies. then there were the ones that had a apple star which looked cute. this pregnancy i am 21 weeks an no change yet. so maybe later it'll change all of a sudden!


trish - February 7

Not everyones does. Mine never has and this is my 5th pregnancy


ashley - February 28

what does ur belly look like in the frist couple of weeks


sammie - March 2

i am 24 weeks and mine has started to come put bit but not much


Melissa - April 19

I had an outtie to begin with and at about 3 months, it was way noticeable. I hated it. It looks like there's a peak to your belly. Some of my friends said there's never popped. I think it depends on how deep your innie is to begin with.


Sam - April 20

Im 15 weeks and the belly b___ton is more shallow than it was. Bad cuz I have two belly piercings! The holes for the piercings are stretching weird. My mom "popped" but my aunts didn't. i guess it's like everything else. We'll just have to wait and see!


Jennifer - April 20

I am 26 weeks, and mine just started to pop about 2 weeks ago, everyone is different though. You might not pop at all


Heather - April 20

mine just became an outie the other day.. i was trying to sleep and felt a stabbing pain in my belly and then jumped out of bed to the mirror and what do u know outie... im 20 weeks..


Julie - April 21

Mine never popped



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