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Kira_lynn - June 29

Im 15weeks right now, and im wondering when i should start looking into all the baby stuff. My dh and i live with his grandmother (his grandfather passed away and we moved in to take care of the house, and keep her company) but she has some wacky views on when i should paint, and decorate. Like she says not until a month before the baby is born to buy anything or decorate! I have to have the baby shower before baby is born (at least a month) cause they all want to buy everything for us. I've already bought a change table and she was pretty upset that i didnt wait. Not to sound insensitive but i dont really care much for her views.lol. Im thinking about buying cloths and little stuffs around 23weeks (we'll be on vacation with them all and they have some cool stores in the US).....Family is hard especially when you live with them. I think im gonna paint around september (due december 19th). Maybe when i start to get bigger she'll get too excited to wait. hehe


JESS1980 - June 29

Hi Kira! Hope this helps... I am 33 weeks, and the LAST thing I feel like doing right now is fixing up the nursery. I fixed mine around 20 weeks....right after we found out the s_x. I don't know why anyone would want to wait until the last month. Not only are you uncomfortable, but the baby could come at any time and you might not be prepared. Just do what you want to do. Don't worry about the advice other people give you. If you want to start working on things now, then do that! Good Luck!


Perl - June 29

Did the grandmother give you a reason why she wants you to wait?? Is it her superst_tion, or that she wants to surprise your with all the furniture or that she doesn't have enough space in her house yet or some other reason? I'd try to understand why and if she's just being irrational (superst_tious) then do what you want and don't worry if what you buy upsets her or anyone else. If you get started now and do little by little you won't have to worry about much near the end of your pregnancy. You may want to consider having your baby shower a couple of months before your due date so that you'll still have plenty of time to buy the things you didn't get as gifts . Good luck!


luvacuppajoe - June 29

I wonder if it's a generational thing for his GM? Back in her day (I know, that sounds terrible) the truth was that women just didn't get the same level of prenatal and postnatal care that we do, so the risks of miscarriage, stillborns and infant mortality were a lot higher, as well as the dangers to mom. I would think maybe Gran is just being very cautious in not planning too much for fear of something happening with the baby and you having a decked-out nursery and all the gear. I'm not sure how you'd rea__sure her except to kindly educate her on the modern technology we have and the a__surance that all is well with your baby. Usually after the 1st trimester is when the risk of miscarriage goes down, and you're pretty much there, so hopefully she will relax a bit. Just remember to keep the room very well ventilated when you paint and use a non-fume variety. Good luck with Gran and the rest of your pregnancy!


Aviendha416 - July 2

Explain to Gran that this is your and your hubby's baby and pregnancy experience. Also gently explain to Gran that it is the year 2006. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. My vote is to go out and buy what you need whenever you want to. Start working on the nursery ASAP so you can do a little bit a week and don't have to stress to get it all done at once. You need to do things at your own pace. My guess is Gran is wrapped up in old wives tales and superst_tions from a time when pregnancy and giving birth had more risk attached to them than they do now. Enjoy your pregnancy and don't let anyone ruin that for you by trying to curb your excitement. Shop away girl. Gran will just have to cope.


alwaysamber - July 2

I started to feel it at about 22 weeks and this is my first. It is great. I can now even see her kick through my belly. I love it.


Kira_lynn - July 3

Thanks for all your advice ladies. Grandma is just really superst_tious and i think nervous because we did have a m/c before this baby. They (his mom and grandma) really want to buy everything for us and i think its really a stalling technique. Im gonna paint before i go on vacation (august 20th) so that it can dry and i dont have to smell it (hate paint drying smell)!!


Kelly S - July 4

Your lucky id love a grandmother like that... im only eleven weeks and my boyfriends mother has bombarded me with all this baby stuff. i feel like im drowning. i just hope she aint jumped the gun lol



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