When Is A Good Time To Register

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tiramisu - February 5

Hi All- I'm currently at 18.5 weeks and will go for my full us on Wed. I was just wondering when people usually start registering for baby items?? My friend advised me to purchase a crib set asap, as it take about 4 months for delivery...


aliciavr6 - February 5

Geez, 4 months?! Mine took two days. haha. I <3 Target. I registered around 18w, then when I found out the s_x, I changed it around a little. I did it so basically I could keep a list for myself, and remove things I buy before a shower.


TamaraAngel - February 5

I registered yesterday at 18 weeks... and i'll do the same as Alicia said, just remove things as i buy them. Plus my mom put the crib and changing table on layaway yesterday.


tiramisu - February 5

oh nice! I'll prolly go to buybuybaby and register this weekend.. i can't wait!! ;-)


ophelia73 - February 5

I ordered my bedding from babyenvy.com. They have free shipping, and it does say things ship within 4-6 weeks. I ordered it about a week & a half ago, and got an email saying it should be here by 2/7. We are getting ready to order the actual crib, though, so we'll see how long that takes.


Tammy276 - February 5

it probably just depends on where you order stuff from...I know the crib we plan on getting from target only takes a week or less to ship out, but other sites I have seen it take 4 - 6 weeks.... It is probably best to register after you find out the s_x of the baby....any time after that is fine.


mommybabyboy21 - February 5

the weekend after I found out the s_x of the baby...which is 18 weeks.


Faye84 - February 7

I registered when I was about 24 weeks. I still havent gotten a crip yet and im 25w3d. My husband and I are going to go buy one on 2/19 though so Ill be getting mine the same day.


tiramisu - February 8

I had my ultrasound yesterday and we found out that we are having a girl!!! took about an hour for the ultrasound technician to do a full scan and boy was she active! I could tell that the ultrasound tech was getting REALLY annoyed at her!! I guess I will be off to buybuybaby to register this weekend ;-)



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