When Is An Okay Time To Register

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Pam - November 14

I am 6 months pregnant and am wondering when is an okay time to register? With the holidays coming i was thinking of doing it soon. Please let me know if you think it is too soon... or okay?


kk - November 14

I was wondering the same thing! I don't think you are too soon. I am thinking about doing it in early december - I'll be just shy of 6 months.


Tess - November 14

Im almost on my 4th month and Im plannin on registering in Jan. (i'll be almost 6 mos by then)


Heather - November 14

I will be 6 months on Friday and I just registered this past weekend. I think now would be the perfect time to register.


jb - November 14

I did it when I was 5 months. Though my shower is not for a few more weeks when I will be seven months. If you have time before the holidays, I say go ahead and do it.


Jill - November 14

I say wait till you have your US and know everything is okay. After that, who cares? Your shower could be as early as 30 weeks, who knows? I know my mom is thinking March, so I will be 32-36 weeks. Besides you need time to decide what you want!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

I registered at end of April, shower was beginning of June, baby was due Aug 11, and born Aug 17th. I say whenever you want to.


bean - November 15

Wow - I never really wondered when it was "ok". I'm only 17 wks, and already registered for many things. I'm not due till April, but hoping for some things for Christmas. Plus, it took us so long to research car seats, cribs, strollers, etc that I'm glad we're educated about what to get and can make some decisions now when we still have plenty of time to change our minds. Don't forget, if you order a fancy crib, it may take as long as 3-4 months to come in! Same thing I found out with some mattresses. Better early than late in my opinion.


m - November 15

my hospital always says by 20 weeks just in case. i am going dec 13 and that puts me at just about 20-21 wks i think


amy - November 15

Id say when u know the s_x of the baby or when ever u have the desire!!!!have fun!! Im gonna proably go soon when i find out the gender,my due date is april 9th!!!


Pam - November 15

I'm 5months preg. and at my last appointment my Dr. gave me my package to go register at the hospital, I won't get in for almost two months, but sooner the better. because some places take time.. Until they can fit you in.. But my doc said, call now, to make your appointment.. just so its ALL done!


Terra (sorry wrote Pam) - November 15

That post at the bottoms was mine!


kendall - November 15

i am 26 1/2 weeks and i started registering a long time ago on babies'r'us.com and target.com i always go back and add stuff or take stuff off it doesnt hurt to start now and you can always go inside and add to your registry too so you can do it both ways


Tamisha - November 16

I registered at Target the day I found out I am having a girl, and I am 5 months (20 weeks).


Terra - November 16

Pam: which kind of Registering are you talking about??? hospital, or Baby needs at a store???


Shannon - November 16

I registered at 6 weeks preggo! I was so excited I couldn't wait!


Yas - November 16

I'm probably in the minority: I am 18 weeks pregnant and from the beginning my husband and I decided not to buy anything for the baby until AFTER its born. As a matter of fact, we're just beginning to tell folks we're expecting -- I don't really show yet, and will ask others not to buy the baby anything for Christmas. We're superst_tious, don't want to get too sure of anything, as it ain't over until it's over. We've known people who've forged ahead feeling certain of a great outcome, only to m/c shortly after. We're just dealing with the happiness of successes we've had so far in my pregnancy, ie making it through the 1st trimester, pa__sing pre-screening tests, great ultrasounds.



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