When Is Everyone Finidhing Work

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jenny - February 8

i was planning to finish work around a month before my due date but have read in books that medical people suggest leaving when you are 32 weeks pregnant. unsure what to do. bear in mind i am 15 weeks and quite big already!


jenny - February 8

meant finishing work. sorry! bit on the tired side today


J - February 8

I'm 17 weeks now and I'm actually looking for a job.Not much luck..but I planned on working all the way up to a month before my due day if I can't find work.


k - February 11

I'm finishing 6 weeks before my due date but thats because I'm a teacher and need to stop at the end of a term. This is my first pregnancy and I've no idea how I'll feel (or how big!) I'll be at this point but talking to other people 3 or 4 weeks before seems the norm! Feel like a bit of a wimp!!


PP - February 11

I am planning to work right up to delivery if my boss will let me. I actually want to save all my leave for after my bundle of wonderful is here.


Ne - February 11

Im 20 weeks and this is my first, i hope to and plan on working right up until i deliver.


c - February 17

I plan on finishing work about a month before my due date. I am going to be a stay at home mom so my husband said to take the last month to myself. Isn't he sweet. It will be kind of weird though, I am 25 and have worked since the day i turned 16 but it will be such a joy to see my baby grow each day!


jenny - February 18

thanks everyone, thought that 2 months was a little excessive. it's my second baby with an 8 year gap so feels new but there is no way i am going to work right up until it's due. if nothing else other than it will be too hot. plus the way my bump is growing i am not sure i will be able to fit in work!!!


Katharine - February 18

WIth the first I worked until the Thursday before I had her on Sunday. I plan to work right up until the due date with #2, also. I also want to save all 12 weeks of leave for after baby is born. I should give a disclaimer, though, that I did take a lot of sick days and half days in the last month.


JESSICA - February 22




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