When Is The Best Time

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Kate and Baby - October 3

I am 24 weeks pregnant and not too sure if it is safe to lay on my back? It seems that when I am laying on my back I feel him kick the most. Is is because he is mad at the way I am laying? Is it cutting off his blood supply? I know it is important not to when you are further along but not sure if that applies to 24 weeks. Thanks ladies


Emy - October 3

I have heard that it is anytime after the 4th month...I think I read that in a pregnancy book...


Ashley - October 4

Kate, I've read the same thing. But I think the uterus is pressing on veins which cuts off the blood to your legs. My sisinlaw nearly blacked out at an u/s. Now, me on the other hand, I'm nearly 20 weeks and I still wake up on my back. Occasionally, my right leg tingles and wakes me up, but that only happens rarily and most of the time I'm aware I'm on my back, but not enough to move. ahhh! Also, I do lay on my back to see if I can feel the baby kick, or to see if dh can feel it kick. I've wondered about if the baby is mad at me, too! Once I tried to feel the top of my uterus and I think I poked the baby cause it kicked back really hard! Oh, one other idea, is that when you are on your back, I think maybe it makes the uterus flatter - my baby seems to like to stretch after I go to the bathroom, b/c there is more room to move around? I wouldn't lay down on my back intentionally to take a nap, but to feel the baby I think we are fine. These are just my thoughts, though! :)


Kate and Baby - October 4

Ashley. Thanks for the advice. I have been sleeping with a pillow between my legs and on my left side but I always wake up on my back. That's really unusual for me because I am a stomach sleeper and not one time have I woke up on my stomach. The uterus being more flat is probably true. You said that your baby stretches after you go to the bathroom but what kind of feeling is that? I get a pain in my stomach while I am going to the bathroom but not after. Thank you for all the advice. You seem like you know your stuff.



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