When Should I Start Decorating My Nursery

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Emily - December 10

Hey I was just wondering when you all are planning to start decorating your nursery I do not want to do it to soon I know I am having a boy and I am 21 weeks. Any thoughts?


Jennifer - December 10

I would wait just cuz of the fact that I've known people whose ultrasound was wrong...but if your pretty confident its a boy then there no reason why you cant start right now! good luck!


Jennifer - December 10

oops I mean sonogram? whats the difference between a ultrasound and a sonogram? i always thought they were the same thing but I may be wrong?


to Jennifer & Emily - December 10

An ultrasound & sonogram are the same thing. And about the decorating: I was just looking at baby cost calculators online, and my opinion is that the suggestions they make to buy stuff because supposedly that's what your baby needs are causing parents to worry a lot & spend too much money (most of these sites are advertising, either overtly or covertly, so that comes as no shock). Personally, I can't remember anything before age two... certainly not if my room was frilly & pink with all the trimmings or simple & practical. I think the estimates that a baby will cost at least $10K in its first year are overb__wn even WITH possibly emergencies, unless perhaps you don't have medical insurance. Honestly, I'm gonna keep it plain & simple. Decorating is not what I have in mind for baby. A whole lot of cuddling & swooning over him is more in order. I can't wait to meet him!


Heather L - December 11

Whenever you feel up to it. If you get a burst of energy, do it now. You may be too tired when you are 8-9mths pregnant. Decorating...that's my favorite part! :) Just don't overdue it!


23 WKS - December 12



Tess - December 12

I'll probably decorate after we find out the baby's gender :o)


missy - December 12

I would go ahead and do it now!! b/c in a couple of months its not going to be as easy as it is now!! with my first i was 20 weeks- we found out it was going to be a boy and I did it then!! If they say its a boy its about 99.9% accurate--i think its when its a girl it can be iffy---good luck to you!!! I will be decorating hopefully in another week or two!!



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