When Should U Start Applying Stretch Mark Cream

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debbie80 - February 21

I am almost 13 weeks prego and I am starting to have a little belly now...people who know I am prego can notice but others just think I have gained a few pounds or something. I am very pet_te 5'1 110lbs right now and wanted to know when is the best time to start applying stretch mark creams?? Any advice would be great. Thanks!!


JerseyGirl - February 21

Don't get your hopes up about this stuff - I've heard these applying creams don't mean you'll avoid getting them. If your mom had 'em, you're prone to them too. Also, if you gain a lot of weight too quickly, you can get them that way too. So try to pace yourself with the weight. I, personally, use a regular moisturizer every single morning (don't forget the belly, hips, b___t and nipples/b___bs!), but there's not much else you can do about it. Good luck!


JerseyGirl - February 21

Oh, I didn't even answer your question! There's nothing wrong with applying lotion now. I'm 24 weeks but have been applying it to those special areas since I found out I was pregnant. It can't hurt!


Tracy88 - February 21

I have also been applying creams and oils since I found out I was PG. I am currently 27 weeks and only have a few minor stretchmarks on the bottom of my b___bs. Stretchmarks run in my family, but I swore to myself that I would do as much as I could to minimize the severity of them. I'm not sure they can be prevented, but moisturized skin will stretch a lot better than dry, so I just keep it up!


Kime - February 22

Start using it now. I am 21 weeks and i have a few beside my navel b/c i was soooooo skinny b4 i got preggo. I apply so much lotion and stretch mark cream throughtout the day you can barely see my brown skin lol !!!!!


krnj - February 22

I've been puting lotion on since I found out I was prego. This is #2 for me, luckily I didn't get any stretch marks with my son, so hopefully I won't this time!


mamaof3 - February 22

GL on not getting any stretch marks! I believe it just really depends on the elasticity of your skin. If your mom,aunts,sisters have them you probably will too. I have 3 kids and with my first I literally had 2 stretch marks, I thought "I' m so lucky" well with #2 I got a few more and with #3 I got a few more.


mamaof3 - February 22

Oh and I forgot to mention.. a cream is better than a lotion. A friend of mine used cactus on her belly and she has 3 kids and NO stretch marks. I don't know if she was just one of the luck ones or if it really works.



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