When The Heck Does Month Four End

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Sims1 - December 10

I feel like i'm in the never ending month four. i thought second trimester started mid 13 weeks, and every where i'm reading week 18 is end of month four....there's a discrepancy there. so annoying. just venting, i've researched the web up and down to find out when it starts ends and everyone has their own idea.


Stephanie_31 - December 10

I would say that month 4 ends at 19w 6days. 20weeks would be the start of month 5.


ShoppingForTwo - December 10

Yup Stephanie is excatly right.


Sims1 - December 10

you guys are kidding right?!? then how the heck does second trimester start at 13 weeks? that means month four is pretty much 6 1/2 weeks long. this is silly. plus if i put those calculations to my due date i wouldn't be due until June....and I'm due May 19th.....


Sims1 - December 10

i don't agree nor have i read that month four ends in your 19th or 20th week.


sterlinberlin05 - December 10

eh who knows. That's probably exactly why they calculate it in weeks! Because nobody knows what they're talking about! I certainly know I have no idea the exact time but I figure there's about 4 weeks in month so that would make 20 weeks beg. month 5 and I'm sure that's what they're thinking too. Whether that's technically right or not who cares.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 10

Sims I found this online just add the Ws baby2see.com/pregnancylength.html says the fourth month ends at 17weeks *shrug*


Sims1 - December 10

that's what i keep reading that it's week 17. i guess i'll ask my ob tomorrow.


Rachel29 - December 10

That's a good question. I really hope it's 17 weeks, because I like to feel like I'm progressing along (even though it'll be the same ammount of time no matter how you count it). Anyway, let us know what your OB says Sims, and I'll ask mine on Thursday. I really think that it should be 17 weeks though, because if a month is 4 weeks, then the fourth month would be at week 17. Oh well, who knows!


Sims1 - December 10

yah it's kind of wierd if you ask me. it's like the never ending month....the crazy fourth month of pregnancy. a 6 week month lol.


javidsgirl - December 10

hey sims how are you? so how far along are you now? do you know what your having yet or still waiting to find out. or are you going to wait?


Sims1 - December 10

hi tanya, just checked out mariams new pics. she's growing so fast. i'm in week 17. so i'm guessing that's four months lol. noone is sure when month four ends. it's kind of funny. i'm ok, i have a small bump, and i have my ob appt tomorrow so i'll see how things are going. we rented a doppler and listen to the baby's heartbeat everday. i love it. so far so good. how about you? is the little one driving you crazy yet? I was just talking to my friend about sleepless nights, and how hard it's going to be because i love my sleep. i hope the baby loves his or her sleep too. i find out jan 3rd if it's a boy or a girl....can't wait.


cynthia502 - December 10

Honestly, I go by the day of the month, that you are due. For example, I am due April 16th, so on December 16th I will be 5 months along and entering month 6. At that point I will be just over 22 weeks, which evens out pretty much. A month typically has 4.5 weeks so the first tri would end at 13.5 weeks, the 2nd at 27 weeks. Although in the beginning, I know we are all watching each day and week pa__s to get to a "safer" point in our pregnancy, but for simplicity sake, it's easier to figure it out by the calendar. Good luck to you!! :-)


javidsgirl - December 10

wow congrats on making to four months i bet that feels great to reach such a mild stone .yeah mariam is growing so fast the best advice i give as for helping baby sleep is stick to a schedule as much as you can it will make things so much easier in the long run. so have you thought about any names?i can"t wait to find out what you are having you will have keep in touch and let me know.cynthia my peri and Ob told me to count the months that way becuase after the baby is born you use that method too.


Sims1 - December 10

oh in that case i'm not four months yet : ( this is too funny, i feel like i've been 3 1/2 months for a month now lol. it does make more sense though....although i can shave off a week. they say pregnancy is 9 months and 6 days.......so i've read.


ChattyKathy - December 10

It gets confusing when you think about it too much, but just keep it simple. 4 weeks to a month. In a normal 28 day cycle (one month) your period starts 4 full weeks after your last one. Thats the mark of one month. So, on cycle day 29 you'd be considered one month and one day pregnant. I really don't know why people say the second trimester starts at week 13 or 14 (although that could be a gestation discrepancy instead of going by lmp) So I just keep it simple. 4 weeks = 1 month alone, 8 = 2 months, 12 = 3 months, 16= 4 months, and week 20 would be 5 months along.


jennifer_33106 - December 10

According to the popular book "What to expect when you're expecting" The breakdown of the months goes like this~ 1st month weeks 1-4, 2nd month weeks 5-8, 3rd month weeks 9-13, 4th month weeks 14-17, 5th month weeks 18-22, 6th month weeks 23-27, 7th month weeks 28-31, 8th month weeks 32-35 and 9th month weeks 36-40.



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