When To Buy Maternity Clothes

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feeling chunky - November 29

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first, and I have gained about 10 pounds and feel huge in my upper thighs and butt! I just bought my first maternity outfit and it doesn't fit as it should, but feels better than jeans and looks better than sweats! When did everyone else start buying maternity clothes and from where? I don't want to spend a fortune and is there such a thing to buying clothes that your inbetween feeling chunky and just starting to show? Any responses will be greatly appreciated! Lots of luck to all of us!!!


J - November 29

You are lucky, I started buying maternity clothes at about 11 weeks. I was unable to close my pants. Try Old Navy or Motherhood for inexpensive clothes.


Reb - November 30

I am 19 weeks and started wearing maternity clothes full time about two weeks ago. Some of the clothes I bought feel like the crotch is down at my knees. I did by some in between clothes at Walmart, which I have been wearing since about 10 weeks. Walmart has some flat front khakis with about 2/3 of the waistband elastic that I can still wear - I bought them a size or two bigger than my normal size. Also, many baby consignment shops also sell maternity consignment. If you are trying to keep costs down, call some of the baby consignment shops to see if they see maternity. Baby Gap also sells maternity.


Claire - December 2

Answer is simple, whenever you don't fit in your regular clother, check out the gap, sales sites for maternity. Good Luck


Suzanne Denys - December 2

I started wearing maternity clothes at 6 weeks. This is my second baby though. Also I can't stand anything on my belly so I had to get under the belly underwear and jeans.


Dolphee - December 2

Go on Ebay to buy clothes. I have purchased several great outfits that look new and fit great. I am 16 weeks with my second child.


Tasha - December 9

I started wearing maternity clothes at about 10 weeks...which is weird since I am 19.5 weeks and have only gained 3 lbs. But my clothes stopped fitting then and now I definitely look and feel pregnant. I shop at JCPenney.com for some really cute maternity clothes. Some of them fit better than others. Some seemed a little big at first but fit great now. It was still better than wearing something too tight and constricting. I have actually enjoyed the maternity clothes. They are really comfortable and like I said, I found some really cute clothes.


AB - December 28

I started wearing them at 9 weeks, when my clothes started to get uncomfortable. There's no sense in being in too-small clothes. Wear them when you're ready.


Heidi - December 28

I am 19 weeks. I started wearing maternity clothes on Christmas. I felt funny with not filling them out yet, but what can you do.


Gina - December 29

I am 16 weeks and had to buy some maternity clothes already. My belly "popped" and I gained 12 pounds already. So, I just got some pants to get me to work and they are much more comfortable than regular clothes. So, I don't think there are any rules to when since we are all growing differently. Just be comfortable. Take care!


A - December 31

I am already needing maternity clothes and I am 10 weeks and I have gained 4 lbs. I have found that because I was a larger girl to begin with clothes are harder to find. Old Navy. com have been a godsend and target also has really nice clothes at very reasonable prices. Good Luck.


rue - January 1

hi, A friend of mine just gave me this suggestion for that "in between time". Take a rubber band and thread it halfway through the b___ton hole of your pants. Then connect it to your b___ton. This will allow you to wear pants that you might not have fit into longer so that when you finally go buy maternity clothes you'll be past that in between time and at the pregnant shape the clothes were made for.


Cathy - January 3

with my first i didnt need maturnity until i was 61/2 months with my second i was in maternity clothes full time by 10 weeks and i am now 13 weeks with my 3rd and my clothes are definatly tighter but i havent had to buy maternity clothes yet but i will have to very soon


lisa - January 4

i bought maternity clothes when i was 18 weeks pregnant i sometimes wear jogging bottoms


Julie - January 25

I suggest not buying maternity clothes until you need them. I bought stuff at the beginning of my pregnancy because I was excited and now that I am starting to show the clothes are the wrong size. You might want to try buying a pair or two of maternity pants and just trying finding a longer non-maternity shirt until your maternity shirts fit better.


Cortney - January 27

Well I believe that if you feel more comfort in wearing the maternity clothes, then do so without shame. Later in the pregnancy the clothes will fit you better. A good place to go shopping for some stylish clothes that don't look so maternity is Old-Navy, H&M, Walmart, K-mart. Beware of the ALL maternity clothing stores for they will put you in a hole! $$$ Good luck and try Old-Navy web site for ideas....they are my choice!!! =)


BASS - January 30

I am 9 weeks and have a pooch. This is my first, so I am quite surprised. I know that once I get a little bigger, I'll have to wear those comfy maternity pants. In fact, I can't wait. The waist bands on what I'm wearing now are NOT comfortable. I also feel huge in my b___t and thighs. I had a freak-out earlier today, because I know I am watching what I am eating and exercising 5-6 times a week. I feel like the weight gain is out of control. I was kind of down. I just feel super-fat! Anyway-purchased all of my clothes on eBay and at consignment stores. I have practically my entire wardrobe and have spent about $100. It's the way to go since you'll only be wearing it for 5-6 months. Also, I won't feel very guilty if I grow out of them half-way through. Good luck!!



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