When To Start Buying Baby Stuff

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angie - January 12

I'm a little curious on when to start buying baby stuff. My family says it's not to good to buy anything untill lke the last three months because it's bad luck, you kow with miscarriges and stuff. I'm a first time mommie and am alredy 5 months. Need you input thanks in advance.


Ash - January 12

I think now would be ok. My Mom told me not to start buying stuff until after 4 months...I think its ok now! Congrats!


Angie - January 13

thats how my family is 2 :-) i am only 4 months but my boyfriend wont let me buy ANYTHING till after the baby shower.. he said he doens't want to get anything twice.. which sux cuz i wanted to start buying in my 5th month and now have to wait till im 7 :-( hope you get to start buying soon thats the best part LOL


Tess - January 13

I got some presents for our baby last Christmas but I didnt start buying baby stuff up until we found out what we're having. I am now 22 wks pg. Found out we're expecting a baby girl last Monday 1/09, me and DH already register for our baby shower too. goodluck!


bean - January 13

Personally, I think deciding WHAT to buy is way more difficult than where and when. I don't ever think it's too early to start shopping around. Finding the right carseat for you, the right stroller, deciding if you want a changing table or not, etc, might take a lot longer than you thought. Go to a store like Babies R Us and start playing with some stuff. You'll be overwhelmed at your options. Then put together your registry, shop around for prices, styles. Ask friends and other moms what they suggest. That's really the fun part (the spending cash is not as fun, in my opinion). As for when to start purchasing, I'm also waiting until after my shower, and then I'll buy the necessities I didn't get. But in the meantime, we've painted the nursery, hung some curtains, bought a glider chair, etc.


Ba8y6irl - January 13

I am 21 weeks and the other day when I found out I was having a girl I went out and bought pink suade shoes and a little summer hat. I couldn't resist! Thats the only thing I have bought, I kinda want to wait for my shower to see what I do and do not need :)


Steph - January 13

I have been buying diapers (sizes 1, 2, and 3), baby wipes, shampoos, desitin, b___st pads, packets to hold pumped b___st milk, burp rags, handheld toys for 3-6 months that are on clearance, things of that nature. I have purchases a package of unis_x onsies because they were tooo cute and since I'm having a summer baby just like my last, the onesies are perfect! Once we find out what we are having, I will be buying clothes that are on clearance so you can buy tons of clothes for seasons to come!


letgo0527 - January 13

I know im going to sound really crazy, but this is my first baby, when I got a BFP from the doc I went right out and bought pacifiers and a diaper bag!!! I was only 5 weeks!! Im glad nothing happened to baby, Id be heartbroken to have to take all the stuff I bought back.


me - January 17

If you are having a baby shower, than I would try to buy only the things you will need to buy on a monthly basis, i.e diapers, etc... Otherwise I would wait for the shower and see what you get or don't get. That way it saves you time and money spent on duplicate things. Just my opinion. Congrats!


Prissanna - January 17

This is my second so if it's a boy, I'll have to start over. If it's a girl, I'm set. When I was preggo with DD, at one of my baby showers, I got two cases of diapers in newborn size. You might want to hold off on getting too many of those just in case.


Becca D - January 17

Hey Steph - good idea on buying the diapers and what not. A lot of people bought me packs of diapers with my first, and I was so grateful...considering how many you go thru when they are first born and not to mention how expensive they can get. I think I'll start buying that kind of stuff in the next few months. I'm only 12 1/2 weeks right now...so I could stand to wait until at least 20 weeks :)


Cabbie - January 17

I have to second the above post about buying too many newborn diapers daughter #2 only wore newborns her first two days home. She was born at 8lb14oz. We went to 1 very quickly.


dg - January 26

I am only 3 mos. and this is my 2nd child (11 yrs apart) I have started already because I have found so many clothing items on sale from $2 to $10. (I can't pa__s up a bargain) I bought for both genders and what ever gender it is, I will take back the other (keep your receipts).


Tess - January 26

Another opinion would be....once you found out the s_x of your baby then thats good to start buying clothes for him/her.


Steph - January 26

I've been really stocking up on baby wipes lately. I have four cases of them from Costco and I only bought one package of newborn diapers and the others have been size 1, 2, and 3. I opened them up and forgot how teeny they are!


Solanyidr - January 27

I'm still waiting to buy i'm 21 weeks 5 days pregnant. Can't wait to start buying though!


Chan - January 28

I would wait until you have a shower. Baby showers are the BEST!!!! then after that you can get everyting you need. Just some advice, I wouldn't get a whole lot of 0-3 months. They just grow so fast and they end up wearing the outfits for about a month. At least that was my experence. You also have to be careful about buying wipes and soaps, because you never know if your little one will get a rash or not. Before I had my son, I bought a couple different kind of newborn wipes, and he got a rash everytime I used one. So I had to use water and paper towels. My sister in law had to do the same thing.



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