When To Wear Maternity Clothes

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Heidi - December 15

Hi!! I am 17 weeks right now. I have not gained that much weight yet, but I can no longer fit into my jeans. When I put on my maternity clothes from the first one the clothes are just floating on me right now. For a bit now I have been wearing alot of nice jogging suits. Just wondering when people started to wear the maternity clothes. With my first one I think I was wearing them at 5 to 5 1/2 months. Thanks for any input.


kate - December 20

In reality buying maternity clothes is like buying a wardrobe for 3months only.Try to adjust clothes you already have and save the money for the baby!


Lizabeth - December 20

I bought pants/jeans a few sizrs bigger than I normally wear. I went to Old Navy yesterday, they have some great (and cheap!) tops! Gap also carries them


Heidi - December 21

Yes I don't want to spend a fortune on clothes. I do not plan on having any more after this baby. My mom and sister bought me a few shirts and I am going to wear the rest from the first child. My mom told me this morning to start wearing my husbands pants, if needed. I think I will stick with my own!! Thanks for your responses.


L - December 23

I bought 1 pair of pants and 5 tops and a sweater from old navy yesterday and after shipping it was only 85.00. I am going to need the maternity clothes soon I fear.


Lisa - August 16

I am only 15 weeks along but none of my work/dressy pants fit anymore. I am not buying "larger clothes" because I will grow out of them in a month and it is a waste of money. I am going straight for maternity stuff that I can wear throughout the entire pregnancy. Feels alittle funny to wear maternity stuff now, before I am really showing, but it really is more comfortable


cal - August 16

At first I bought some larger clothes but then found that these were unsuitable as I started getting bigger. I am now 23 weeks and much prefer maternity clothes as they are more comfortable


Angela - August 16

I really depends on your job and how formal you have to dress. I had a friend who had to wear suits and really dress up and she had to buy a bunch of maternity clothes. I can dress casually at work, so I am just buying 2 or 3 casual maternity bottoms that I will just wear constantly in the final months :) You'll find that a lot of the maternity tops are really versatile and can be worn even if you're not pregnant. Look for stretch material in t-shirts and empire waist shirts and dresses that will look fine on you next year as well. I bought a super cute sundress that is made out of a lycra material that just expands as you get bigger. I am only 15 weeks, but I'm wearing some of my maternity clothes now because they are just sooo much more comfortable than my tight size 4 jeans! eck!


Angela - August 16

Also - The Gap online has some good sale stuff right now. The nice thing is if you don't like any of it, you can just return it to one of the stores.


Ca__sie - August 16

I started popping out at 13 weeks. I was unfortunate in that I had to buy maternity clothes right away. I'm 23 weeks now and my belly is huge.


Sonia - August 17

Well, I am going with wearing my boyfriend's shorts mostly. They are so comfy!! Love them, but of course I can't go out in them, my jeans don't fit and right now my problem are the bottoms, I guess I'm just gonna go with stretch pants, stuff I'd wear for the gym, luckily I don't have to wear dressy stuff for my job.


lila - August 18

whenever you want to be more comfortable!


Jessilynn - August 18

Wow I am only 13 weeks and I can not fit into my work clothes, I had to buy maternity slacks and some longer shirts because they look so funny at the top.


Jaime - September 9

OK - I'm a few days shy of being 10 weeks and I've already lost my waste line. It really sucks because none of my normal works pants or jeans fit me normally anymore. I can get away with using a safety pin but they just arent comfy anymore and my zipper doesnt want to stay up - so I went out and bought a few pairs of in transit maternity pants (they are cool because you are the only one who knows they are maternity). Also A Pea in the Pod carries Bella Bands - they are sort like a c_mberun that you slip over your prepregnancy bottoms that zip or b___ton and allow you to wear them a little longer. The bella band covers the bulkiness and looks like your layering your tops. Hope this helped a little - your not alone!



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