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sarahdavid - June 2

I am fifteen weeks pregnant and I have not felt my baby move at all. I havent even felt little flutters. My last ultrasound was 13 weeks. Should I be worried that something is wrong??


ejmeskan - June 2

Oh goodness no..Is this your first? I am 21 weeks right now with my second (which they say you feel WAY earlier than the first) and I don't feel movements that often with this one. 15 weeks is early to feel movement TYPICALLY although you will hear many that say they did!!! I know I felt little kicks here and there but nothing solid!


cbol22 - June 2

I felt my baby move at 16 weeks. Once I felt it...it never stopped. It is sooo beautiful.


sarahdavid - June 2

yes this is my first pregnancy. im just really concerned that i dont feel any movement. everything i read online says you can feel little flutters and i dont feel anything


Cookie - June 3

sarah, I wouldn't worry...with your first pregnancy it will still be a few more weeks at least until you will begin to feel the movements...don't forget your peanut is still pretty small...also your placenta could be on the front which tends to cushion the baby's movement...if you don't feel movement by 24 weeks then let your dr know...i'm 25 1/2 weeks with my 2nd and my little wiggleworm doesn't stop moving...your time will come...big hugs...and be patient....


amymay85 - June 3

Sarah, I am preganant w/ my 2nd and didn't feel him move until around week 17, and even then it was sporadic. My dr. told me it can sometimes take up until 22 weeks with a first, especially! I am 22 weeks now, and still only feel him occasionally. That seems so strange, too, cuz on the ultrasound, he looked like a little wild man! I'd just give it a little more time...good luck!


yummy_mummy89 - June 4

im 18 weeks and still haven't felt anything. it's also dependent on your body structure and uterus position. dont stress dear, your baby i healthy and well!



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