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Leanne - November 15

I'm 13 and a half weeks pregnant (my first) and am not showing. I still fit in my clothes. I've heard the heartbeat so I know everything's ok but I keep hoping to wake up and discover a "belly". Sounds weird to want to get fat!!! (I've had a miscarriage this year so that's probably why I'm being paranoid.)


Shawna E. - November 15

I think it is perfectly normal not to be showing yet. Ignore the photos of big bellies at just a few weeks that you see on pregnancy sites... those women posted their photos because they were BIG, but it doesn't mean they're normal or even close to the average person. I'm 21 weeks, and just started to show! And even now, only those who know I am pregnant and who know me well can tell. Check out a thread that you should find in this forum, called "NOT SHOWING YET" (it is written in caps like that). It was started a long time ago by a woman who was about as far along as you, with the same concerns, and has many many dozens (hundreds?) of stories of women who did not show until much later in pregnancy. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage... I know it is devestating (I've lost three pregnancies, with no live births). I also know just how anxious you are to "look" pregnant, so it will be more real. At least that is how I felt. It seems perfectly normal to me to want to look pregnant after a loss, and it is also perfectly normal that you are not yet showing. Best wishes!


to Leanne - November 15

13 weeks is hardly any time at all to be showing, especially if it's your first baby. If you get to 25 weeks & your stomach looks the same as it does now, then I'd ask my doc about it, but don't worry now. This is my first too, and I'm only slightly showing at 18 weeks. And no one can tell except me & my bf. I know it sucks to wait, but it'll go by faster than you think! Believe me, seems like just yesterday I was 13 weeks.


Leanne - November 19

Thank you so much for the posts. Actually I've miscarried twice. One last year and again this year (both @ 8 weeks) so this is the furthest I've been so far. It's been a nerve-wracking 14 weeks but all worth it. I hope I start gaining weight soon to put my mind at ease. Shawna, you totally nailed it when you said "I also know just how anxious you are to "look" pregnant, so it will be more real". That's EXACTLY how I feel. Thanks again ladies. Good luck to you both!!


Chris - November 19

Hi Leanne, You'll feel better when you can feel your baby moving around everyday. I'm 26 weeks now and people finally notice I'm pregnant as of a few weeks ago. I had 2 miscarriages and it took me 6 years to finally get pregnant again so I know how you feel.


Nancy - November 20

I miscarried earlier this year as well and am now 17 weeks pregnant. I just started showing a slight bump during the last week. It'll happen to you soon enough!


Emily - November 20

Hey I am 18 weeks and in most clothes you cant tell I am pregnant. The only people that can tell are my husband and me. I have been told if you are in good shape(your abs tight and stuff) before you get pregnant it will take much longer to show. When I was 13 weeks my stomach was still as flat as a board. I know your concern. I had a miscarriage and it wasnt until I saw the ultra sound at 12 weeks that I was convinced the baby was even in there. Good luck!


Priya - December 13

Hi. I am 5 weeks pregnant and dont feel pregnant AT ALL... i have not yet faced morning sickness. Wonder whether it is notmal or not... Apart from this my lower abdomen has a slight pain sometimes which is just like the pain during periods. Lower belly seems swollen a bit and i am getting paranoid thinking what if I am carrying 2 or more... our entire budget would be screwed. I will have to go through a cesarean and it will premanently scar my belly. I am a small time model in India and earn through a small a__signments in TV commercials, compering and ramp in India... I want to get back to work but not with a scar on my abs... I dont know why my lower abdomen is slightly swollen and it hurts a bit too. Anyone who knows anything about this. My Doc said its normal and have told me to wait for some time till I have my first ultrasound. HELP!!


Moni - December 13

Priya - Your in your first trimester, this is the the SECOND trimester board!! I suggest you pop over to that forum so you can go through your pregnancy with women that are going through the same things you are at the same time! Good Luck!


hmmm - December 13

does it matter where this women goes...i really dont think so...she is more than able to be wherever she wants on this site...and she might just be here reading up on whats to come for her...i know that i did before i was in the 2nd trimester...i didnt realise that you moni where the trimester police...geez...the nerve of some people...get over yourself already...with all that aside...i too leanne am 13 weeks, and barely showing...i am in quite good shape, and my doctor has told me that everything is just fine, so i think you will be fine too...i do understand your worry though, because i too have miscarried twice, (both at 8 weeks, and this is the farthest that i have been too :) ). anyways, take care, and as i am writing this, i am noticing that you wrote this a whole month ago...anyways...i hope you are doing well!


Tess - December 14

Im 17 1/2 wks pg and for me it feels like that Im not showing yet either. Only those peeps that know I am pg and who know me can tell. Im a little chubby to start w/ but Im feeling the baby make some movements though. It started last wk. :o)


JK - December 14

I'm going to be 22 weeks in a couple of days and I am just getting noticed as being pregnant. AT 13 weeks you couldn't tell at all.


Leanne - December 14

Hi there ladies, Well I'm 17 and a half weeks pregnant and gaining a few pounds but can still fit in my "pre preg" clothes...argh!! I have a doppler so I listen to the baby's heartbeat regularly which definitely calms my nerves but I guess I would just like to start looking pregnant!!! It doesn't help much when I have my grandmother saying "you sure don't look very pregnant to me". I know she means well but it doesn't help my paranoia!!!! Good luck to you all and thanks again!!



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