When Will I Wake Up

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meg - March 1

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow & for the most part I have had a smooth pregnancy so far...no m/s & no br___t tenderness, & I am very thankful for that. However, since about week 6 I have been exhausted ALL OF THE TIME! All I want to do is lay around & sleep & that is completely not me. I'm used to being very active. When will I get that "renewed since of energy" that I read about all of the time? I'm ready for it!!


livdea - March 1

soon...few more weeks! I was the same way the only symptoms I had were sore b___sts, that has finally gone away and I swear I was SO active, swimming, running, surfing, hiking daily, every day...and then for about 3 weeks, I slept! It's all I could do to get out of bed and make breakfast and then crawl back into bed and sleep some more! I know how you felt, it drove me nuts but I had no energy. I'm now 21 weeks and feel a lot better but I still get pretty sleepy from time to time...every couple of days I'm wiped. I know taking my prenatals helped so if you aren't taking them, try too! Wake up soon sleeping beauty!!


Inny - March 1

I am 20 weeks and haven't hit that 'burst of energy' I keep reading about..! I am better than before - can now stay up until about 9:30 and still function quite normally the following day. But for about 2.5 months I was in bed every night at 7:30... it was horrible... I am still hoping for some extra energy before this is all over!


Amanda R - March 1

That is that 'all consuming' hormone tired girls!! It is a doozy. All I could think about from the time I got out of bed was getting back into bed!! It will get better by about 24 weeks (or it did for me) but you'll still be tired some. I hear you really get your energy back by about the 7 month mark...so hopefully by then we will all feel more peppy.


Heather L - March 1

Well I don't know. I am 31 weeks and I am EXHAUSTED. Still. I can do about 5 minutes worth of cleaning up or organizing and I have to sit down. I almost need to nap when my 2 yr old naps. Good luck waking up! :)


Laura - March 1

I am 20 weeks I got my energy at 14 weeks. I still go to bed at 9 pm and nap every day with my 2 year old! I look forward to bedtime!


krc - March 1

im 18 weeks and still tired. all i do is cat nap when im not at work.


shepner - March 1

Hi Meg, I think the exhaustion you have in the first trimester is by far the worst, I'm 23 weeks and generally I'm energetic but still have early bed time and if ever at all possible naps do a world of good. I hope you will feel some energy really soon but expect that you will still easily get pooped out, I could easily clean my house and do laundry in 4 hours tops now I need my husband and 12 year old son to help and after a few naps/breaks I'm lucky if I can do it in 6 hours.Hope this helps!!



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