When Will My Hubbie Be Able To Feel The Baby Kicks

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Krista - April 12

I'm 19 1/2 weeks and have been feeling my baby move for a few weeks now. I dont think the movements can be felt on the outside of my stomach yet...even though dh always tries to feel them. Does anyone know when he'll be able to feel/see them?? Thanks! =)


Ca__sie06 - April 12

hm...I was about 21-22 weeks when he first felt Connor kick. I am 23 weeks now and he feels him every night when we are laying down to sleep. Everyone can see them now, he kicks so hard my shirt jumps!


Krista - April 12

oh...so it should only be a couple more weeks until he can feel "Devin" kick then..=) Thanks for your help!


Ca__sie06 - April 12

No problem! :) I think it is so amazing! I am a full time college student and I always let all my friends in cla__s feel now too! Its so exciting!!


EricaG - April 12

I was 18 weeks when my husband and mom were able to feel Abby kicking. I'm 23 weeks now and you can see her kicking even through my clothes, it's so wonderful. During the ultrasound they told me that my placenta is in the back and that's why stuff happened so early for me. Could be any day now, Krista, let him try everyday, it'll happen soon! :o)


Chrissythefairy - April 12

you should be feeling them really soon, Im 18 weeks, ive been feeling my baby kick from the outside since last week (i was watching oprah and i had my hand on my lower stomach, i suddely felt the kicking, i started laughing, my cousin looked at me like "Why are you laughing?" I relized when it happend Orprah had just said some really sad statistic I was a little embaressed. My poor fiance trys to feel the baby kick but everytime he/she starts to kick and i get his hand on my belly they stop. He'll ketch him/her one day.


Deb - April 12

Mine didn't feel them until about 25 weeks. Part of the problem was that every time my dh put his hand on my stomach the baby stopped kicking. It was like he had "daddy radar" or something!


ThePezChick - April 12

I can't wait to feel the baby. I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and feel nothing! :(



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