When Will They Just Answer The Question

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Been There - April 25

First, I asked my girlfriend to forward any interesting boy names she has heard, just to add them to my consideration list. Instead of forwarding me what she had or just saying she didn't have any, she decides to tell me that I should let my husband name the baby. I told her that it's not something for her to worry about, I was just compiling a list. But she goes off on this ridiculous tangent about how I'm not being fair, he should name the baby, etc. How the heck is that any of her business? I didn't ask for her opinion on who should name my child. My husband, who I know very well, won't just pull things out of the blue. He was going to name the baby, but I needed to provide some help, especially for the middle names. I pretty much knew we were going to go with my husband's middle name to begin, I was just waiting for him to make a decision. What steamed me even more is that one day she calls my house looking for me, I wasn't home, but hubby answered the phone. She had the nerve to want to confirm with him that he should name the baby. It's NONE OF HER BUSINESS! Then, today I sent a list of names to my sisters and my sister-in-law. My sisters just answered what they like. But SIL, Nooooo. She has to go off on whether they have meaning or are made up. What difference does it make? It's not her child, so it's not her issue. I just asked what they thought flowed. I was so p___sed, I just didn't even bother to answer her back because I would have been nasty. I don't understand why people have to add their personal two cents beyond what I've asked. Just answer the question. When you name your child, you can worry about that. But I didn't ask for the additional and unnecessary thoughts. Maybe I should just stop asking.


cindi - April 25

not for nothing, but u can not include people in ur buisnes and then tell them they should mind their buisness. i know u just want opinions but like u said it's ur kid...u and ur hubby should decide what's best with out including everyone's 2-cents.


Ca__sie06 - April 25

Wow. Thats a little rude! lol. I would just ignore them all!! haha. I would use a book or look on the internet and make a list of names and then chose one with your husband. Thats what I would do. (Oh no, am I giving unwanted advice too? SORRY!! lol)


3babies - April 25

Hey, Been there, how are those hormones going? :-) Just joking. I'm similar to the other girls though. I dont really talk about names too much to other people because they are so quick to offer their opinion, where as once you name bubs, they tend to keep it to themselves! My sister really turned me off Keira when she said she didnt like it, then two weeks later insisted that she never said that and really likes that name! I have now learned my lesson!


Kara H. - April 25

I don't know why, but everybody has strong opinions on baby names! We lost three pregnancies before this one and we learned our lessons with those. Either people hated the names we were considering or they really kept pushing their own favorite names and they took offense when we said we didn't care for their names. With this pregnancy, we told them the name we had already decided on and started addressing the baby as such. I bought a couple of really great name books. We marked with pencil which ones we liked and then put the book down for a week. Then we would pick it up again and see if any of them really jumped out at us during the second look. We also took a look at our family tree to see if any relaitives had any really great names. Good luck!


Been There - April 26

I have learned my lesson about asking. But there is a difference between asking for names to just consider and someone trying to tell you WHO should choose the name when that's not what they were asked about. That's not the same business, by any means. And it was going too far for her to go and think it was her place to say something to my husband at all, like she had the responsbility of ensuring things. Again, totally out of the arena of, "do you have any boys names to add to a list for consideration." There is also a difference about how names sound together versus whether it's important or not they have a meaning. But I won't be asking either of them about anything again.


Erynn21 - April 26

I would just stop asking, I just went off to my hubby about everyone's opinion driving me crazy. About names I really don't care if others like/dislike what we've picked, it's our baby. My grandmother groaned at all the names we like, everyone else has liked them, so I don't really care.


EllieBaby - April 26

I think you should talk to your friend. Let her know she was completely out of line in talking to your husband about who should name the baby. That's not something you should tolerate. You didn't ask her to name the Baby.


Tanya2 - April 26

Hey my SIL is like that too and trust me it gets worse after the baby is born. She doesn't like my girl's name because it is similar to mine and keeps making comments now that it is my second pregnancy like 'since you convinced him to name her after you, now u should name the boy after him'. I just politely told her that she shouldn't worry about the names and we would find one together. I personally think that both you and your husband should pick out a name that you both like. To hell with everyone else. When they have their kids they can name them themselves. As for friends, they are easier to ignore than family. Talk to your friend, if she is a true friend she will understand, if she is not then maybe she is not a good friend afterall. As for your SIL, trust me it will get worse after the baby is born. My advice is that don't ask them for anything, be confident in your decisions. Keep your distance as much as you can. Good luck.


Tanya2 - April 26

Another thing my husband and I did with our first baby and now with our second is that when we found a name we both loved, we kept it to ourselves, we didn't share it with anyone until she was born. We are planning to do the same with this pregnancy. This way you avoid many of those unneccesary annoying comments.


scarlett - May 1

Next time don't ask anyone, just think of the names yourselves. My parents are giving names already(I'm only 3.5mths preg!) and saying that they'll choose names for the baby, but I made it clear to them that sure, they can suggest, but ultimately it's up to me and dh to decide what we want to name our baby.



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