When Will This End

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Kristin - March 7

I am in my 15th week, and I vomit atleast once a day. This morning I drank some ginger ail and had 1 jolly rancher and i just vomitted it all up. Shouldnt i have stopped doing this already. I feel like i have nothing in my stomach, yet the doctor says that it shoul get better, but thats not very comforting. Is their anything I can do?


amanda - March 7

i was very sick too! your doctor should prescribe you some safe medicine to take, since its not getting better!!! mine got a better around 15 weeks. i still get sick sometimes but not as much! ask about the medicine, and don't feel like you're hurting the baby by taking it, the doctor wouldn't give it to you if it wasn't ok. hope it helps.


Kristin - March 7

Thanks Amanda for taking the time to read, the Doctor said that at my 18 week appoint, she wants to hear that Im not getting sick anymore but she said sometimes it just doesnt happen.


HW - March 9

I am twenty weeks and still vomiting, although less than I did earlier. My doctor said that so long as I was still gaining weight it would not harm my baby - only be uncomfortable for me. Try to eat what you can, I'd reccomend saltine crackers and crystalized ginger with any meal to help it stay down better (ginger ale usual doesn't have the actual ginger in it which helps with the nausea, only ginger flavor.) Also try to snack on little bits of food often - having food constantly in your belly may help. Protien in the morning is also good. I wish I could be more helpfull, but best of luck!


~S~ - March 11

I'm almost 16weeks and I still get nauseous every now and then, like just a few minutes ago. I hate it, although it's not as bad as it used to be. I find Ginger Ale helps me a lot! I drink about a half a can and I'm good to go. Some people say it's best when you drink it flat, but it seems to work better for me when it's still carbonated. Also, I've found that when I have an empty stomach my sickness is worse. Even though it's hard to even think about food when all you want to do is hang your head over the toilet, it seems to help settle my stomach a bit. Good luck! It eventually starts to ware off. If you can't seem to take it any more, ask your doctor about prescription pills for vomitting and nausea. They're pretty expensive if you don't have medical coverage, but they sure do work!!


M - March 14

I was reallyl sick during the 1st month and a half..I couldn't keep anything down it didn't matter what I ate I was severely nauseated. Carrying twins doesn't help but I noticed that if you take anything that has lemon in it it is supposed to sooth your stomach. Every time I would get sick I would drink pink lemonade with extra squirts of lemon juice in it and it really made a difference for me. I couldn't eat crackers, only thing I could eat was Cheerios. Now I'm 17 weeks and the morning sickness has gone just get alittle upset stomach if I eat alittle bit too much food at 1 time or eat too fast. Hope this helps!



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