When You Found Out Baby S Gender

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Aida - March 15

I'm in a second week of 4th month and this is my first pregnancy! Is it to soon to find out about baby's gender? When you found out about it?


Lucky1 - March 15

I am 14w2d and I plan on finding out at 18weeks on Apr. 16.......I think that at this stage it would be too difficult. THey usually make people wait until at least 20weeks because the can be a little more sure of the gender....


Beth - March 15

I am hoping to find out April 7. I will be 5 months 1 week and two days!


claudia - March 15

Around your 5th month.


Kara - March 16

Hi, my doc said at my 12 week scan he's pretty sure its a boy, apparently with sensitive ultrasound equipment and a cooperative baby, it is possible to tell this early, but he said wait to confirm at 18 weeks before I paint the nursery blue!


mandy~ - March 16

i found out at my 19wk ultrasound that im having a boy!


tiffani - March 16

16 to 18 weeks


levi - March 17

i found out at 17 and 20 weeks that i am having a boy.


w - March 17

I found out at 24 weeks, only coz at 20 weeks they couldn't tell as he was in a awkward position, it does depend on how the baby is lying x


Beth - March 17

My dr's office said they do not due the u/s until 20-22 weeks. My next apt is at 19, so I am HOPING, they just do the dang thing!! :0)


New_mom - March 17

I am hoping to find out soon! My dr appt is tomorrow..I am 18 wks


PP - March 17

I found out today and its a girl... I am 21 weeks and 6 days.


Josie - March 18

My ultrasound in on the 30th of March...18 weeks now and my husband and I can't waitto find out!!...(he thinks boy and I think girl)...it will also be his first time seeing or hearing the baby since he couldn't make my OB appts before...it's our first and we've been married about 8 months so this has been a big year!!


Josie - March 18

PS - ladies, congratulations to you all...and thank you so much for your thoughts and insight...it's so great to share this, since the only people I know having kids are total nimrods who are smoking marijuana and cigarettes during,and having some real problems because of it,so I feel like I am alone in this...with my hubby, but now I have you all!!! Thanks again!!!


kiki - March 18

i am 18 weeks and last week i was told that i would be a having a girl now my bf and i are so happy!


New_mom - March 19

I had my dr appt yesterday and they told me that I get my next u/s Apr 8, so hopefully I will be able to find out.


Beth S - March 20

im am exactly 4 1/2 months and my doc has my appt. for april 5th to find out



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