Where Are All The Feb Moms

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Tired - July 27

Hey just started my 2nd trimester due feb2nd, looking for feb moms to chat with.


April - July 27

I am also due feb 2nd best wishes


tired - July 27

hey april, hope all is well with you. Have u had morning aka all day sickness? and if you have has it gotton any better.


Joan - July 27

Hi. Im due Feb 3rd. Are any of you guys feeling more energetic yet? My morning sickness is mostly gone now, though the prenatals make me feel sick to my stomach. Are any of you showing yet? I just look a bit fatter than usual. No big belly yet, but its my first and I hear it takes longer to show with the first.


Amber - July 28

Feb 14 here, first baby. New to the board. I am getting quite a belly (was told i need to buy some new jeans today), And right now i am on the Vitafol-OB prenats, they are fine, no upset tummy at all. And yeah, it seems like my fatigue has diminished a bit.


Tired - July 28

hello lasies, nope still as sick as a dog


Tired - July 28

meant ladies


Miss Mary - July 28

i am due feb 7th. I am one of the lucky ones who didnt really have morning sickness. I have had a little more energy it seems. belly is getting a little bigger but only i can tell. can still fit into reg clothes for now.


Kirsty - July 28

Hi - I'm also due on the 2nd Feb. I still feel absolutely exhausted. Has anyone else due in Feb got over this yet?


Claudia - July 28

Hi all, I am due on 10th Feb... can't wait the 2nd Trimester starts... Still sick like a dog and had to rely on diclectin to carry on my daily life. Hope the sickness will disappear sooner than later.


Sam - July 28

I am due February 1. Had an interesting trip to the doctor on Monday. I was just shy of 13 weeks, and she could not find the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler (this was her second time trying). She said she was "pretty concerned" and sent me for an emergency ultrasound. There it was, the baby: jumping and bucking and floating all around! It's face is extremely clear now, it was making sucking motions with its mouth. It was so great to see it! Anyway, I'm lucky, too. Have felt great my whole pregnancy. Just told my boss today and it wasn't nearly as scary as I was thinking it would be.


Crystal - July 28

Hi all. I'm due Feb. 18th & very anxious to get into my 2nd trimester. Had a doc's appt. yesterday and heard the heartbeat first try (170 per minute). I've been pretty sick and have lost a few pounds, so my doctor presribed some meds to help with the nausea. He said that these symptoms are a good sign & mean everythings normal. I can't wait until my next ultrasound though. It feels like this thing is just dragging along right now, but I think between peeing & throwing up all the time (sorry) that's probably why. :( Other than those few complaints, I'm very excited about this pregnancy!


Angela - July 28

I'm due February 4th


tanya - July 31

im due feb 1 and im still sick and get loads of heartburn I have a belly gone up 2 sizes nearly only put a couple of pounds on though its my second preg and sickness is alot worse this time to


Courtney - July 31

Due Feb 6, 2006. I've lost weight, but my stomach sticks out in front. How weird is that? I only wear elastic waist shorts and large teeshirts now, haha! All the bad symptoms have gone. Leaving huge b___bs and peeing six times during the night. Hope all is well with the rest of you. Congrats on makeing it to the second trimester!


*Kelley* - August 1

Hello, I am 22 and this is my first baby. I am due Feb 7th. I just had my first ultrasound, saw the baby bouncing and kicking. Everything was great. Could anyone else see the bone structure very clearly. I swear you can see individual vertabrae and all of the bones so clearly. I am engaged and my DF went with me, he loved seeing the baby so much. My symptoms are pretty much gone, I take a folic acid and 2 flintstones a day. They don't taste as good now that I am not 4 :). Here to talk if anyone wants to.


Emily - August 1

Hello! I live in New England and I am on my 3rd baby and am due Feb 9th-that's my grandma's birthday!



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