Where Are My 15 Weekers

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Mel - May 10

hi everone! i saw ppl are still posting to my 14 week thread but i thought i would start a new one since we're all at least to our 15th week by now! how is everyone? and big news?!?!


Jodie - May 10

im not 15 weeks til tomorrow, but can i join your lil thread? :)


Jen - May 11

Hello!! How's everyone feeling? My belly seems to be getting bigger each day and I have a little bit more energy. I am due Oct 28 and I just turned down the triple test. I am 26 years old and my family has no history so I didn't think it would be worth it since there are so many false positives. have any other people taken the test? Has anyone felt the baby move yet?


C - May 11

I am 15 wks tomorrow too...feeling good...get an u/s on June 20th...can't decide whether to find out what it is or not? Starting to show, haven't felt baby move yet but can't wait:)


Lily - May 11

Yep 15 weeks...Woohoo...To be absolutely honest....This pregnancy is getting kinda old. My nausea has returned, and I just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to be alone so I can rest or sleep. My eating habits are all out of whack....it's MacDonald's fries, or Subway...As for movement....OH geez! It's only when I try to rest or sleep that I feel the baby move...My hubby swears he felt the baby kick, but I think that was just my gut talking...LOL...Everyone warned me that my first pregnancy was gonna be difficult but this is rediculous! I have my next appointment tomorrow, maybe my doctor will have some better news for me....Good Luck Everyone!


. - May 12



Tammy - May 12

Jen, Also due on Oct 28th. I has amnio so there's no need for the triple screen. Should have amnio results any day....I am a wreck. Definitely will find out what I'm having. I suspect a boy. That's great because my son was born on Oct 29th so I'm all set with stuff. It's so hard to buy clothes since so many people find out what they are having. I wil be making the move to maternity clothing soon. Haven't felt the baby move but sometimes I feel a "little something". I think with my son I was about 20 weeks.



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