Where D My Belly Go

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ataylor724 - March 19

I've been having a lot of trouble gaining weight courtesy of morning sickness. I'm 20 weeks and started showing about a week ago. At first I would only show at night after I had been eating all day, but now the past few days I'm not showing at all again. I tell people I'm almost five months and they laugh at me :( Has this happened to anyone else? I know the weight gain is ok, but why does the belly pop out and then go away? I can still feel her kicking so I know everything's ok, I'm just so frustrated! By the way it's my first pregnancy since that may make a difference :)


numba1cutie6t9 - March 19

how many weeks are u? I had bad morning sickness too and when i thought I actually started showing it would come and go..i ithnik it depends on where the babys laying as to how big ull look in the early stages..but after going a few more weeks I realized I couldnt even really tell till about week 24


Been There - March 19

I think the baby is changing positions. I can sometimes feel my uterus bulging at one side and sometimes it just seems to disappear.


AppleCake - March 20

Give it a few more weeks and you will be amazed how fast your belly grows. As for people laughing at you- I had the same with my first preg. no one even believed that I was , until we discovered it was twins then all the same people started saying "well, we could have guessed that your tummy is huge". Stupid people, why do they have to comment on our tummies??


iakram - March 20

Hi ataylor! I totally know what you are going though! The same thing would happen to me at night my belly would actually look huge and come morning time it would totally disappear. I'm 20 weeks and now finally look pregnant. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I've heard the 2nd time around you grow much faster due to the muscle already being stretched - but with my son the first time I didn't start showing until I was 22-23 months. Give it like AppleCake said a few more weeks and you'll see the difference it's like one morning your belly just pops! So take care :))


iakram - March 20

heh heh sorry not 22-23 months..i meant 22-23 weeks...imagine carrying for 22 months !!! Ekk


ataylor724 - March 21

Thanks ladies... it makes sense about the changing positions. I'm 20 weeks 2 days now numba1cutie. I thought it was weird how sometimes I just look lopsided lol. I did wear a tight sweater the other night and someone finally asked if I was pregnant... maybe from my 20 trips to the bathroom and refusal to drink, but i'll just say it was the belly... it made my day! And if I already think 40 weeks is long, 22 months and we'd be the last generation lol


numba1cutie6t9 - March 21

ataylor724- i was so happy the first time someone actually noticed i was pregnant :-)


^lucy^ - March 23

im 31 weeks now and THANKS GOD i finally got to show :) i started to show in my late 6th month so dont lose hope especially if its ur first :) this is my first and people still cant believe that i have 2 more months only.. i had a terrible morning sickness and lost a lot of weight so i didnt put much weight until now.. but it will eventually grow and show the lovely preggo belly and u'll enjoy it dont worry :)



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