Where Do U Start Feeling Movement

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flipthea - March 11

Hi. I'm 16 weeks and 4 days. Just wondering where ur supposed to start feeling the baby's movement? Will it be toward the middle of your belly and lower(below belly button)?


jodie - March 12

Hi flipthea! I started feeling movement really low. Down just above the pubic line. Now ( 22weeks along) I feel the movement alot higher. Not quite at my belly b___ton but a bit higher than before. It kind of varies. Good luck!


Martha2007 - March 12

I just started feeling the movements from 2 days. It is below the navel portion. I am 20 weeks 1day today. I think it is the baby.


jen327 - March 12

I have no idea either. I think I feel movement. Mostly when I lie down on my back in bed. I can feel movement. It is all over. But I don't know I just want to "see" the kicks :).


Allisonc79 - March 12

I started feeling movement around 16 weeks very low near my pubic bone. It will feel unlike anything else, and you should know when you feel it. Now, at 21 weeks, I feel kicks all over, but mostly right above my belly b___ton.


Marie6549 - March 13

With my DS4 I started to feel definate flutters around 18 weeks and proper kicks at 21 weeks, with this pregnancy I have never felt flutters, but more like a shifting movement and that was from about 14 weeks. Definately by 16/17 weeks I was getting kicks and squirms and by 19 weeks dh could feel the kicks and you can see my belly wriggle. I think it really depends on wether this is your first pregnancy. I mostly get huge thumps above my belly b___ton and constant little pops on my bladder. At my 20 week u/s he waslaying with his head directly under my belly b___ton and his bum and feet were down by my bladder. We found out it's another boy!!!!


flipthea - March 13

Hi again....so maybe it's the baby I'm feeling. Sounds like where it's supposed to be. Really low right now and kind of feels like flutters, just light. I'll be 17 weeks this Wed. I thought it was something else but I think it's the baby moving. I'm very skinny and maybe that's why I'm feeling the baby earlier?


aliciavr6 - March 13

I didn't feel mine til 18w1d, it was really low, like little taps on the right side, 4 or 5 in a row.


kvilendrer - March 13

I felt it at about 16 weeks with this pregnancy. This is my second one. You will feel it below your belly b___ton b/c that's where your uterus is.


MNMOM - March 13

pretty low at 16 weeks, for me it was on the side and just above the top of the bikini area



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