Where Do You Feel Fetal Movement

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May - March 6

At around 18-20 weeks, where do you feel the flutters/movement of the fetus? I feel some flutters on the right side of my belly button (looking down). I thought I would feel it more in the center...never feel it on the left side.


erica - March 7

at 17 weeks, I feel little bumps/kicks really low...almost above my pubic bone....on either side...it's different...


kathy - March 7

At 12 weks feeling movement very low on left, but occasionally low on right. (This is 3rd PG, so I'm feeling things early. I remember getting a rhythmic bump down low in my first PG. It happened a few times each day. After a while I figured out it was my baby's head moving back as he hiccuped!


Laura - March 12

I am 16 weeks and i feel flutters above my pelvic


Leslie - March 13

I'm 15 weeks and I feel flutters about 1-2 inches below my belly b___ton.


Michelle - March 13

I first felt fetal movement late into my 12th week, then nothing really until 15th week. Up until I was about 20 weeks, I generally felt movement up higher, just below on around rib area. Since week 20 and now at 24 weeks, movement is lower down, sometimes on the sides down low, and rarely up higher anymore. I don't know why I started feeling it up higher first. I have an anterior placenta, so this may have had something to do with it??


JD - March 25

at 17 weeks, I have been feeling a thump (that only lasts a couple of seconds) right below my b___st bone... not sure if that's an artery or the baby... ;)


deb - March 25

13 1/2 weeks, I think I felt a flutter for several minutes last night down low near my pubic bone area. It was a odd feeling but pretty neat.


heather - March 25

well i have a tiny freckle on my belly and my uterus is now up to my freckle.. so when i feel something i try to determine if its lower than my freckle


heather - March 25

michelle the baby is nowhere near your ribs before 20 weeks sorry but that wasnt ur baby the uterus is just at your belly b___ton around 20 weeks.


candy - March 26

heather all women r diff...i am 14 weeks and i am like 2 in below my belly b___ton and if uve had a baby or 2 b4 then it gets bigger faster...all women r diff...just member that....


Heather - March 26

Candy you are right but its not up to your ribs at that stage.. otherwise it would come out your mouth by the time you have the baby!


candy - March 27

it stops and grows outward....just a thought


Heather - March 27

yes but she said she felt it at her ribs at like 12 weeks that is not possible ! its barely out of your pelvis at 12 weeks,


TINA - March 28

it all depends where your placenta is. mine is in the front so i only feel any movement on either side or really low on my tummy.


Crystal - July 21

I agree, every woman is different! I am only 8 weeks and can feel the top of my uterus right under my belly b___ton! so you don't know everything,now do you Heather?!


Sarah - July 21

I agree with Heather!!.... I mean unless your baby is Over your uterus, then you can feel the baby up in your ribs. My friend is a Midwife, and that is what she told me. Good luck ladies



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