Where Do You Feel Fetal Movement

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Sarah - July 21

I agree with Heather!!.... I mean unless your baby is Over your uterus, then you can feel the baby up in your ribs. My friend is a Midwife, and that is what she told me. Good luck ladies


Ashley - July 21

Wow. lol stupid fights over a simple questions. I agree with Heather. I am 20 weeks and still feel kicks fairly low. Sometimes around my belly b___ton but she seems to still like to kick on my sides above my pelvis.


MBC - July 21

27 weeks- In my right rib "can you say OUCH!!!!" It feels like I have some bruising NOW because she was kicking there all night last night and then I had to be up early for WORK!


Lindsay - July 21

I am 19 weeks and i feel pretty strong movements very low and in my ultrasound the doc. said the babys head is pretty low so could that be what i feel? i didnt think it would be this strong...it was kinda a shock!


D~ - July 22



Joan - August 3

When I rub above my pubic bone i feel little bumps what are they


jen - August 3

hey guys, i felt my baby move for the first time at 16wks and this is my first pregnancy!!!! its not fluttering, its big thumps like the baby is kicking and its right above the pubic bone... its an amazing feeling...goodluck everyone


Krys - August 9

I am 17 weeks with my 1st. How exciting! My lower stomach is so hard and feels like a little tennis ball in it. I have felt little "bubbles" in my stomach all day today. I kind-of feels like little fish swimming around. I know its just my little one saying "hello!"


Glenda - August 18

I am not supposed to be pregnant, but I feel fluttering around near my pelvic bone - not pain whatsoever. It's quite frequent, but light. Feels like it's in the middle and not on a side.


to Glenda - August 18

What do you mean by your not supposed to be pregnant? Do you think you are? What else would that be then? Not trying to be mean, I just thought I would ask!


Amanda - August 18

I am 17 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I have been feeling fluttering and very light movement for weeks, but have just started feeling real steady movement. It is definitely an experience. Just as awesome the third time around. It is also a fact that your uterus doesn't reach your belly b___ton until 20 weeks. Everyone's uterus grows at pretty much the same rate, which is why the OB measures the Height of Fundus...which is the measurement between your pelvic bone and the top of your uterus...at each visit. They have charts and graphs and stuff which they compare it to, in order to see if you are growing properly. Anyway, Good luck to everyone. Happy, healthy babies and speedy deliveries!


jackie - August 19

I'm 14 1/2 weeks & preggers with baby #3 ... I've been feeling an egg shape tumbling about my lower left pelvis (around my bladder) for about a week now. It is so wonderful. So weird.


chris - September 1

I am 19 weeks and I just felt something yesterday for the first time like a flutter but at the same time a shape pain with that, it was a little on the left side of my belly b___ton. This is my first child so not really sure what I am waiting for to feel. Reading what ya'll wrote it seems to be the baby


pam - September 1

This is my 3rd child. I felt first movements at 13 1/2 weeks. Now i am feeling significant pushes on my stomach. Now I know everyone is going to think im crazy, but it is up high. right under my rib cage. I am not a doctor but i know what i feel. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but both of my previous children were long. 23 1/2 and 21 inches.. I dont know i wish i had a doc appt soon.


krys - September 1

I am 20 weeks and 1 day today. I have been feeling little thumps and thuds since last week, i know it is my baby!! I can accually put my hand on my stomach while lying down, and feel the thumping sensations. My husband felt the baby move a couple days ago. I am 5'9" and my husband is 6'2". So I am thinking our little one has long legs to kick me with :) I do feel my uterus growing. It now reaches right below my belly b___ton. good luck to everyone!! Remember Motherhood is HOT!


Dustie - September 1

Very low, above pubic bone. It is still just feeling like flutters or bubbles.



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