Where Do You Feel Fetal Movement

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Dustie - September 1

Very low, above pubic bone. It is still just feeling like flutters or bubbles.


Dustie - September 1

By the way I am 23 weeks and overweight.


emily - September 4

i am 24 weeks w my first baby and i first felt movements at like 19 weeks sometimes he wont be moving and ill push on my stomach and he'll kick back its so cute!! I feel movements like everywhere below my belly b___ton sometimes as low as my pubic bone


LEANNE - September 13

Hi, i am between 11- 12 weeks pregnant, i keep feeling flutters about 2 inches under my belly b___ton rite in the centre , and its definately not wind (i have plenty of experience with that) it feels very like when a nerve starts to go daft in your leg, but its in my tummy, could this by my baby, i haven't had a scan yet, thats next week, and ive been finding it really daunting as i havent felt much , and have had no adverse pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness the only thing i have been is extremely tired, and i have a bump, i look about 5 month gone. im very big for 12 weeks ish. already in maternity clothes. any advice ladies


Lindsay - September 16

To the people who say they feel something at their ribcage early on and the other people arguing with them: Maybe what they feel is a nerve response to a baby kick, not the actual kick. They have no reason to lie about what they feel. Sometimes when I scratch my arm at the shoulder I get a tingle feeling in my bellyb___ton. I had this my whole life, with no known nerve damage or injury. Maybe when the baby kicks them in a certain spot their brain sends the wrong information as to where the kicks occur. I would think this is particularly viable when internal organs are beginning to move around inside the abdomen. The body is a weird thing, even moreso with pregnancy. People have arms amputated and feel ghost pains for years. I think the topic is very interesting that they feel these things elsewhere, and it is probably the result of fetal movement being interpreted by the brain, which in my opinion is just as special as feeling the movements beneath the pubic bone, because they probably wouldn't be feeling it if there wasn't a little life inside.


Dana - September 16

I am 18 weeks and have only felt the flutters and bubbles on my left side. I to thought it would be more in the center. I guess we will have to wait and see....


maria - September 19

the strange thing is this is my first child, and in my 3rd mth of pregnancy i felt something moving around in my lower side, then nothing until my 16th week where i started to feel light taps all over my stomach it was on a saturday, then the next day it was very little, then when today hit nothing, is that normal? i am in my 17th week now, i am completely lost and this really worries me since i don't want to call my doctor for something i should know already, i thought it was fetal movement, everyone say it is normal, but you girls sound pretty confident, my dr. says its normal, but i need some rea__surance! any advice?


kendall - September 21

I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant and I don't know what I've felt. I have some little very light cramps low left and sometimes its only 1 bump that lasts about 1-2 seconds and sometimes its 2.any suggestions??


leony - September 26

To the people to feel movement in their ribs, I've also been feeling strange flutterings under my lower ribs since I was 20 weeks (I'm 24 weeks now and it's still happening). I agree that it could be a nerve response from the baby kicking somewhere else, but I've been told that all along my uterus has been big and high for my dates, due to having several large fibroids. There may be other reasons why people are bigger or their wombs are higher up than the 'average', as it's true, everyone is different. So there might be various reasons why some people do feel movements under their ribs.


Dani - September 26

Not to get anyone going about the movement in the ribs, but i always felt thumping on my left side under my ribs.. from appx wk 16. when i went in at 18 wks, guess where babys feet were??? Right under my ribs! Now at 25 wks, I can feel a bruising pain when he stretches! It feels like im being stretched to the max and when i push back, it gets harder and hurts.. then poof it goes away! Mostly my kicks are down lower now though. Around my belly b___ton! Wonderful feeling though!


kristyluc123 - July 12

I have a little girl but I think I might be pregnant. I'm scared to take a test but the past few days, I've felt flutterings on the left a little below my belly b___ton. I never started my period but I'm still nursing 3 times a day. Could I be pregnant or is it just gas?


Buffi R. - July 13

You might also be pregnant, but you're probably just feeling gas. I remember after I had my son five years ago, I would occasionally have feelings that reminded me of what those early flutters were like. I used to smile and think it was the gla__s slipper Cinderella got to keep, like something to always remind me of the pregnancy. I didn't get pregnant again until just this year (I'm 16 wks now), so I know it wasn't a pregnancy that I was feeling all those years in between. But that doesn't mean that you're not pregnant again, just probably too early to feel something again. Hope it turns out whichever way you're hoping...good luck! :-)


cShell - July 13

I am 18 1/2 wks and uterus is measuring around an inch above my belly b___ton. I feel movement everywhere! When I was around the 12 wk mark I felt movement down around my pelvic (hairline). My baby also has been moving at regular times during the day/night for the last week or so.


cShell - July 13

You know what girls? I've been trying to be very tolerant of this forum and the little cat-fights that go on. I come here to get encouragement, advice, etc. NOT immature rants. I expect this type of behavior from my teenagers, not grown women. Creating life is something very serious and special. Shame on this childish behavior. So, BOL


Buffi R. - July 16

CShell, I know what you mean! :-) I think this is a really old post that got re-surfaced recently. I was shocked by the replies too, but then I noticed they were made in 2005 so those ladies are gone now. Too bad we can't delete the old replies and just start with the ones from 2007. :-)


Glebebabe101 - September 4

i also agree with heather at 12 weeks ur baby is only a few inchs and all the womb etc is down low in ur pelvic it starts to pull up n rise around 16 weeks i was told by midwifes :) maybe it was something other x



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