Where Do You Feel The Baby Kick

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preggosauce - May 21

Ok, so I'm 21 weeks tomorrow and I for sure can feel the baby move now, which is completely amazing....however, I feel the movement VERY low, right above my hairline. For some reason I just thought that the movement I would feel would be higher, closer to my belly button. Where do you all feel your movements? Are they low? Or up higher? I'm just curious. I have my "big" ultrasound tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll get to find out it the baby is in a "normal" place...just thought I'd ask you all too....Thanks!!


mom2b72 - May 22

I think it depends all on how baby is positioned. When I started feeling, it was very low, still is lower than belly b___ton(the top of your uterus is right around belly b___ton right now). I think wherever you are feeling movement is "normal", everyone has a different experience...Good luck on ultrasound tomorrow, it is such a wonderful experience!!


SuzieQ - May 22

I feel movement mostly lower, near my hairline too. (21 wks now)But sometimes I think the baby is lying sideways, because I'll feel movements at both sides of my abdomen at the same time. Occasionally I'll feel movement higher up, but not as often. I'm curious how often I should be feeling movement. I figure if I feel movement everyday, that's a good sign :)


stephgts - May 22

I feel her, mostly on my right side level with my belly b___ton. Just recently I've started feeling her on the left side (that's where the placents is) and she likes to kick straight down sometimes and whatever she's hitting HURTS. It's not my bladder though cause it doesn't make me need to pee, dunno what it is. The other night I felt her kick way up high and she did this several times throughout the night. She will also do a kick and a punch sometimes and I'll feel her on both side of my tummy. I'm 22 weeks right now :)


preggosauce - May 22

stephgts- I get that "HURT" kick too, really low...like he/she is kicking or punching my bladder, or uterus, or SOMETHING that doesn't like to be hit. It makes me flinch! Which is one reason I want the baby to move up!! haha :)


Mingill - May 22

preggosauce, when I first starting feeling baby it was low, below the belly b___ton, but at 25 weeks baby has moved up and now I feel the movement level with the belly b___ton or just above it. But sometimes I get the low ones, so I think it just depends on where and how baby is positioned. Enjoy the ultrasound, we found ours fascinating, all those little baby parts... too cute.


AppleCake - May 22

Oh my goodness, my little monkey kicks EVERYWHERE! I had twins last time, and carried one on each side, so I only really felt kicks to the sides. Now, I get them in the middle, to the sides, high, low, in my bladder (which makes me need to wee rather urgently!) in my a__s, my cervix...and now it seems the babe can just about reach my ribcage- owieee!


Erynn21 - May 22

I have felt my baby all over down low, up high, I call her "wiggles" because she moves around all over the place. Last night she kept repeatedly kicking me on my left side. I'm now 25wks so these kicks are a lot more powerful than before, my stomach will bounce out, it is bizarre to see that. I had a few "punches" up under my ribs the other day sometimes I wonder where the heck she thinks she's going in there. It is awesome. I haven't had any of the painful kicks some of you describe, but that's probably kicks to your cervix. Someone else posted that was where they were being kicked. Oh yeah I swear my little girl sat on my bladder for 2 days last wk. I had to pee every 5 min. Take care all.


emilymalm - May 22

I think my baby likes to lay across my stomach as I feel the kicks on either side and generally quite low--below my belly b___ton. I'm 19wks so things are still pretty low. The kicks are still very gentle and he hasn't seemed to kick anything bad yet, but I know those are coming in a few weeks. The placenta is on the lower, outer part of the uterus so wonder if I won't feel the intensity for a while. I haven't been able to feel him on the outside yet either. What do you think?


amyn - May 22

I just had my 20 week scan and the baby's head is on my bladder and his feet are by my belly b___ton and that is where I feel the most movement.


Ashleyg - May 22

i am now 20w3d and i dont think i have felt any movement yet. i did kinda have a rolling feeling around my hairline a couple of times but it is so quick, by the time i feel it, its gone. is it normal to not be feeling anything yet?


ITSABOY - May 22

I cannot believe someone asked this question.I was so worried bc i thought i was the only one who has kicking that low.The think is i am 24 wks and i had a ultrasound at 21 wks and the baby was up really high but the movement and kicking is so low.It is below my belly b___ton and right above my hairline.I am so glad to hear you all have this too!


ThePezChick - May 22

I always feel Zeb low (going on 21 weeks now). I only feel him in the middle or on the left side. I've never felt him on the right side. That may be because I have a fibroid on that side.


lexa - May 23

Hi there. I am 21 weeks now and also feel the baby low. They say at this stage the baby is growing but is only up to the belly b___ton now. So the movement will all be felt very low. As you get bigger, the baby is taking up more space, so before you know it you will be feeling these kicks much higher up. Treasure the little low lying kicks...trust me! As time goes on you will feel it up in your ribs and then you'll think D**n! LOL!


clare - May 23

hiya im 25 weeks when i first started to feel bump move it was low its only in the past week or so its got higher more to my ribs i dont know which is worst though as when it kicks me low it is really hard and it feels like its trying to stick its foot out of me but when it kicks high it hurts my ribs lol. also its started rolling against my skin more and i get that feeling like when im on a rollercoaster and i loose my belly!! XXX i think im going to have an active child ;)


amyn - May 23

For ease of mind, my ultrasound tech said yesterday to give Jack a month and I should really start feeling the hard kicks, I'm only 20 weeks today..


Chrissythefairy - May 23

ALL OVER! I have a very strong active baby boy and he kicks everywere i feel like there are a few in there, He seems to like my belly b___ton cause i feel him alot around there.



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