Where Does A Baby Sleep

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gabbysally - January 31

what does a baby sleep in at first? you don't put them in a crib the 1st few nights do you? I'm just trying to start my registry and was wondering. thanks!


DDT - January 31

You can use either a ba__sinet, portable crib or co-sleeping. I used a portable crib with my ds until he was 5-6 wks old and then moved him into his crib.


sarah21 - January 31

I am using a pack 'n play. It is a ba__sinet/ playpen/ changing table in one. That way while I'm recovering I won't have to get out of bed in the middle of the night and walk to another room to change the baby's diaper and then I also have a play pen for later. Once she outgrows the ba__sinet I'll move her on out to her crib.


LinsTwin - January 31

We used a snuggle nest in the bed with us at first and then moved him into a co-sleeper which we used more like a ba__sinet and didn't transition him into the crib until he was at least 6 or 7 mos. But I have friends who put theirs in the crib from day one.


jennifer_33106 - January 31

I am using the same thing as Sarah only because I dont want to have to go far to get her when she wakes up. That and I also wan her near by. I hav a crib but is there some reason you are not supposed to use them right away?


gabbysally - January 31

jennifer - I have no idea!! I just thought the baby sleeps in your room for a little while at first. this registering and buying stuff for baby is so overwhelming! I have no idea what I really need! ok, so a pack and play sounds good b/c I would need that anyway....oh boy :)


Jessicab3 - January 31

Its really up to you. I know moms that used the crib from day one and others like myself that rarely used it at all. If you are nursing a co-sleeper in my opinion is the best option. We used the kind that attached to the bed with my first 2 babies. Its great because you never have to get out of bed in the middle of then night, and the baby never has to cry much because you wake up as soon as he/she does. Letting a baby cry and having to get up and go into another room several times a night just seems silly to me, especially in those first few weeks. If you want the baby close only the first few nights, a ba__sinet or snuggle nest is a cheap way to go as co-sleepers can be a bit pricey.


DDT - January 31

It's helpful to have baby near you in a portable crib/pack n play for the 1st few weeks because they wake so often during the night that you would be a walking zombie having to go to his/her own room every time. But I found once I had transitioned my ds to the crib he slept better and longer than if he was in the same room as me. Sometimes you can tend to disturb each other.


fefer1 - January 31

We used one of those mini pack-n-play's for the first 11 weeks, then put her in her crib. They sell them at BabiesRUs..I loved mine! It was small enough for travel too. We would put her little bed in our room next to ours so we didn't have to get up all night long..just reach over and pick her up. :) Nice!


xvkx - January 31

Don't forget Moses baskets. ;)


tish212 - January 31

my dd has a ba__sinet we set up right against my side of the bed so I can just reach over and pick her up to bf her or change her.... however we also do co sleeping... and plan to continue that... u should get something else besides a crib though that way u have something easy to move from room to room... we have a rolling ba__sinet so we can move it into the living room if dh wants a nap w/o interuption...gl


Sims1 - February 1

there's a book my friend recommended that i plan on reading soon as well. "three in a bed" can't remember who it's by but you can google it. I just researched this to death, and have come to the conclusion that i will be co-sleeping. they tend to sleep longer and you get better sleep as well, although yes there is a chance you can end up disturbing each others sleep. but because they're so little and have been inside for so long and they haven't learned fully how to regulate their breathing, temps, blood pressure etc, and having you close by helps regulate all this.....I plan on cosleeping for sure...just feels wrong to send them to a crib in a big room all by themself, even if it's in a ba__sinett...but to each their own, these are just my feelings.


tish212 - February 1

I agree sims... me and dh put her in her ba__sinet for "us time" and she stays in there for about 2 hours ...but then we bring her into bed with us... some nights I wrap my arms around her and some nights dh does... I feel this is helping us bond with her even more b/c when she wakes up we are right there and she sees that.(the ba__sinet is helpful though for "adult time") we plan on having her co sleep for quite a while b/c if shes right there I can just open my eyes and make sure she is ok. but like sims said its not for everyone...


sashasmama - February 1

We had a mini Co-Sleeper attached to our bed for the first 3 months, then moved our daughter into a crib, but it was still in our room. But that somehow turned into her sleeping in the middle of our bed, she's 2 now and I don't see an end to it, honestly, lol. But I love it, of course not much "us" time for dh and I, but I sure love cuddling a cute little monster.



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