Where Is Your Baby Kicking You

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Z - March 4

Anyone want to share where your baby is kicking you at and how far along are you? Thanks.


Roary - March 4

He is kicking low and to my right usually. :) I am 22 weeks pregnant.


Steph - March 4

I'm 21 weeks and he usually kicks pretty low...I'm awaiting for the rib kicks!! :o)


Deb - March 4

Mine kicks me all over the place but usually around 1 - 2 inches below my belly b___ton, sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left and sometimes in the middle. I am 21 1/2 weeks pregnant.


D - March 4

I am 23 weeks and my baby kicks me all over, but mostly low. I have seen it move up higher, like around my belly b___ton. All the sudden there will be this bulge sticking out of me on the right and then it will jump to the left. It's so crazy but it's so fun!


Dia - March 4

I am almost 26 weeks and my little boy kicks normally to the left and either level with my belly b___ton or an inch or so higher. He sometimes kicks low, but not much anymore!


Roary - March 5

Another New Pregnancy Thing: Lastnight baby kicked up high and made my stomach and lung sting for the first time. I don't know which is worse low (bladder) or high (lungs etc).


livdea - March 5

I feel 'em mainly on the left a few inches below my belly b___ton. I was feeling some kicks into the bladder a few times and I think it's kinda cute! I know I'll be hating it later but right now, it's just an erge to have to go! I love feeling baby!!


Renee-Marie - March 5

Mostly on my left side. Sometimes he doubles up though, and does two kicks on the left and then throws in a punch or something on the right side. Keeps me guessing!!!!! I am 25 weeks along.


Nora - March 6

I'm in my 24th week and I can feel him all over now. He even kicks me up below my ribs already! I didn't know that he was up that high yet, but it is definitely him. You can't mistake that feeling! Sometimes I feel a big bulge just below my ribs and have been told that is probably his head at this point. I have a short midsection, so maybe that's why he is so high already...


krc - March 6

I am 19 weeks and I usually feel thumps right inbetween my belly b___ton and my hairline right smack in the middle.


Mshellebean - March 6

I'm 22 weeks and it seems that he is usually low... Sometimes it's up high.


iakram - March 6

19 weeks - the baby kicks pretty low .. but left right and centre...sort of all over the place...but low.


tab - March 6

I am 16 wks, I feel kicks below my belly b___ton, to the left and the right, middle and lower ab


Ashley - March 6

ALLLLLLLLLLL OVER!!!!!! Mostly kicking my belly b___ton...I swear thats the reason its popping out lol....and he kicks my bladder and its feels like something is going to fly out of my v____a! I'm 27 weeks.


redemptive_angel - April 4

I am 25 weeks and my little girl kicks me in the right side of the ribs if I sit down too long. I tell you she is fiesty!!


Emily - April 4

I must say after reading Ashley's comment, I feel better! I am not the only one! I am 28 weeks and just starting the third tri and she kicks low a lot



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