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MANDEE - March 9



ekay - March 9

I am freaking myself out. I am 12 weeks and mine is right at the pointy point of my pelvic bones, probably 2 inches below my navel. I feel it everyday to see if it is shrinking, which it isn't, but I thought it would be a little higher by now-3rd pregnancy.


silly question! - March 9

how do you know where your uterus is?


Lucky1 - March 9

I have a tilted uterus so I have no clue!!


Becky - March 10

In response to "silly question", this is my first pregnancy and I can feel my unterus. If you lie down and feel around your pelvic area, your uterus is harder than you lower abdomen. Dont push too hard though. Make sure to relax your muscles. The only reason I know is b/c my doc was looking for the fetal heartbeat and she would push around, then use that thingy. I asked her to show me what she was feeling for. Hope this helps


silly question! - March 10

thanks becky


w - March 10

Don't you think that all women are different I mean a woman who has a smaller body then their's will grow to the top of their stomach quickier than someone who has a longer body? I know this coz me and my friend are both pregnant and she is tall and I am small and my uterus was way past my belly b___ton after 12 weekS!


Julie - March 11

I am 16 weeks, number 4 for me, and did this one pop out fast, yes it's up to my belly b___ton already, my Dr said don't worry, it goes along with the faster weight gain and having been pregnant B4 a few times. The body knows what it is doing and just springs into action.


Not sure - March 17

I'm not exactly sure but when I bend over to get something or slouch a little about and inch and a half above my belly b___tton it feels like something is stopping me, could it be I'm a very small person I'm at about 15 weeks but a friend of mine said I look close to 5 months.


becky - March 17

for "not sure", i have that same feeling. i think its my little one too!


mandy - June 17

i'm a little overweight and i've never been pregnant before...will it be harder to feel through the fat?


Jessica F. - June 17

Right at the top of my belly b___ton. I am ending my 20th wk with my first pregnancy


RG - June 23

To Mandy---I'm overweight too...and I still feel my uterus....I don't know how overweight you are but you know how where you wear your pants on your waist there could be a fat roll (for me there is) anyways, if I go to my belly b___ton and push down towards the ground...I can feel the top of my uterus. it's not so much a feeling I feel with my hands, it more of a feeling that I get inside when my hand pushes it downwards, sort of a "there's something there now" feeling. Bending over to get clothes out of the washer is going to get difficult! :) Good luck.


Sarah - June 23

I am 15 wks, and I think my uterus is right where my bellyb___ton is. How can I be for sure thats what it is, though? It is harder than the rest of my stomach, and sticks out, too. It does kind of hurt when I push on it. I feel my baby moving (bubbles) way under my bellyb___ton ..so does that mean that my uterus is really there where my bellyb___ton is??


RG - June 24

Sarah---probably so...mine was there around 15 weeks. When you go to the doctor the next time for the heartbeat check...see if they will tell you. I always ask just so I know the "range" my baby has to play in.



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