Where Oh Where Has My Little Babe Gone

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TamaraAngel - February 15

One day at 17w i felt very obvious baby flutters. I had an u/s that same day and my son was moving all over the place! The next day i felt the flutters off/on too... i loved it! But i haven't felt ANYTHING since!! I am now in my 19th week. Why did i only feel him those two days? I assumed from that point on, i would feel him everyday! Anyone???


Kime - February 15

You know im wondering the same thing. I am almost 20 weeks and i never feel my baby move anymore. The only time i feel her is when my bladder is full and i can feel flutters near my pelvic bone. I went to Dr. today and she asked me if i am feeling the baby move. I told her ya maybe once or twice every other day. She said well it's still kinda early to feel it move all the time. But i want a__surance evryday to make sure she's ok in there. It sucks so bad for me b/c everyone else talks about they feel the baby move all the time!!!! Im not sure why i never do!!!


jodie - February 15

Hi! I am the same way! I will feel the little one move a couple days in a row...then it will go a day or two with nothing. I did rent a doppler though and it came today. So I listened and all is well!! Maybe it depends on the way the baby is in the uterus so there position moves around or something. Silly little babies!!


mtnla__s - February 15

I'm only 18 weeks but have felt the baby move for the past couple weeks but now that I'm farther along I feel that I should be feeling it stronger and more often but no dice. I'm so glad a rented a fetal doppler so I could listen any time I wanted. It has been such a relief especially since I was very sick in the beginning. My other kids love to hear the baby every night too! They already feel so connected to their new baby brother or sister.


Tammy276 - February 15

you shouldn't expect to feel your baby move on a daily basis until you hit about 24 weeks....Up until then, it could be days before you feel him/her move again.


Allisonc79 - February 16

I read the fetus moves pretty often though, its just you don't feel it everytime. Its still so little mid pregnancy, it has room to stretch so it doesn't push and kick as much


TamaraAngel - February 16

Thanks girls. I have another u/s in a week. I would like to rent a doppler, but i'm so worried that if i'm not good at locating the heartbeat, i'll panic. Is it tricky to find?


mtnla__s - February 16

The heart beat isn't too hard to find. I usually start at just below my belly b___ton and angle down towards my pelvic bone. Watch the doc when they listen for the heart beat and just repeat. I got the fetal doppler with the BMP digital screen so I positively know that I was listening to the babies heart beat and not mine even though they sound different.



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