Where On Your Belly Do You Find The Heartbeat At 13 Weeks

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shelly - August 8

I am 13 weeks and been trying to find the heartbeat with a doppler I have at home, and all I can find is my own. Where do you find the heartbeat at this time?? Like how far below your bellybutton, or how high above your hair line???


Amanda O - August 8

I found mine from weeks 12 to 16 right above the hair line on the far right side. For the first 5 days of trying the doppler, I could only find my heartbeat and was starting to get upset and then all of a sudden I found it. It sounds like a galloping horse. Just move the doppler VERY slowly. Good luck!


tracy - August 9

the first time i heard the heartbeat was around 14 weeks at the doctor's office - don't be freaked if you can't hear it at first, give it a try the next day, and so on - the heart is so teeny at that stage so it could be hard to hear (and it depends on baby's position etc.) good luck!


Justine - August 9

When the midwife does mine it is normally in the centre (directly under my belly b___ton) about half way between my belly b___ton and my hair line. Babies do move around so it depends where your's is at that point in time. It gets easier once you can feel your baby moving because then you know where it is.


Ca__sie - August 9

At 13 weeks, it took my doc a while to find the heartbeat. She finally found it far down on my right side... it was basically right at the hairline, that far down.


Kate - August 9

Hi, I was 13 weeks and the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat, he had a small ultrasound screen in the room so he tried that & could see the heart beat on the monitor. The placenta is between the baby and my skin and so it was drowning out the noise of the babies heartbeat when he was using the doppler. He said in a couple of weeks the heart beat will be strong enough to hear with the doppler dispite the placenta being where it is.


shelly - August 9

Thanks everyone. I think I'm gonna wait and try again in a week or so, it's soooo frustrating. Today I tried for over an hour, and took everyones advice, and nothing. So, I think i'll just wait. I seen the heartbeat on the ultrasound a week ago, but really wanted to hear it.


B - August 10

The doctor found my baby's heartbeat with doppler at 9 weeks... which from what I have read is pretty early. Anyway... she found the heartbeat really far down near the hairline, but off a little bit to the left. The nurse couldn't find it but the doctor found it almost right away... Good luck, I hope you can find it!!!


shelly - August 15

Thanks to everyone that answered, I'm soooo happy- I found the heartbeat today!!!! Actually my husband found it, he was determined!! I'm 13 1/2 weeks now, and he found it right on my hair line. It was nice to finally hear that fast heartbeat of the baby!!!



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