Where S The Baby

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hanna - June 21

I am in my 15th week and my baby seems to be always towards my left side rather then in the middle or the right side. Anyone else's baby seem to be to one side or the other? Thanks.


D - June 21

My baby picked sides a lot at around that time too... now it still tries to, but its getting big enough, there's not so much space...


Ca__sie - June 21

It seems my little one likes the right side. I think that's it's little nook, but then must swim around for excersize... always to come back to the right side. It was tucked away so well during my last doctor visit, that she could hardly find the heart beat. When she did, she laughed because of where the baby was located. I think it must have been playing hide and seek with us.


~KMK~ - June 21

i also have a left sided baby lol. my doc says try sleeping on the oposite side if it becomes bothersome.


Sarah - June 22

I am in my 15th wk, how do you all know which side the baby is on?


jade - June 22

saraha , i share ur question how can u find out whic sid is baby? i m in 15th week too but i dont feel any movement so far or cant even guess where is baby? how did u all know that?


Ca__sie - June 22

I had begun to feel some "weird goings on" on my lower right side. I thought for sure I was too early to feel the baby (this was back at 13weeks) but when I went in to my doctor to hear the heartbeat... and they found the baby down on my ride side, I said that I had guessed it might be down there (at least some of the time) because I had felt some flutters. My doctor didn't think it was impossible for me to feel it that early. I'm nearing 16 weeks now and when I feel anything, it is still on the right side. So, it's just my guess that's where the baby likes to hang out.


leslie - June 22

I don't know if its b/c I am too skinny but I can see where the baby is b/c there is like a little ball popping out, first it would scare me (at 15 weeks) now at 25 weeks I got used to it and I think is pretty funny if I lift my shirt my belly looks deformed :)


Sarah - June 23

Well, I do feel bubbles and flutters, but they are all over my lower belly. I dont think my baby has a favorite side just yet!


D - June 23

If you push gently on your belly, sometimes you can feel a harder lump where the baby is... Mine is getting big enough now, I can feel elbows and knees sometimes.



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