Where Should I Be Feeling Kicks At 21 Weeks

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tasha - January 18

Hello. I am 21 weeks 5 days pregnant today and have just recently (for the past 10 days) stopped spotting. I am so happy. Hopefully it's gone for good. Anyhow, so now of course I'm very paranoid that my little girl is not growing properly. I seem to feel all of her kicks below my belly button (quite low). I thought that the uterus was supposed to be just above the belly button at this point so I'm confused as to why I don't feel any kicks up there. I guess that since I'm barely even showing it's just hard for me to believe that a baby that 's like 10 inches long could be inside of me.


bean - January 18

Hey Tasha - where you'll feel her kick depends on which direction she's facing. Remember babies flip flop all the time so she could be virtually anywhere and kicking at anything. If it helps at all - I'm 26 weeks and my little girl has never kicked above my belly b___ton. In fact, she tends to kick really really low - like into my pubic bone. I mentioned it to my dct who said it's probably cause she's in a breech position. As long as you're feeling her move, all is good!


missy - January 18

I agree with bean. My little girl kicks me all over, I do feel her in my rib area, but I also feel her at times below my belly b___ton. It just depends on the position baby is in.


Ba8y6irl - January 18

My daughter always kicks at or below the wasteline, I am 23 weeks and she is just starting to migrate north... I think she is getting too big to fit in such a small place :) no worries she'll move eventually!


krista-lee - January 18

tasha: im also 21 weeks 5 days! : ) when my baby kicks i usually feel it low right above my pelvic bone, thats the only area ive felt kicks. also, when are you due?


Kate - January 19

Tasha and Krista-lee...I am 21 weeks 5 days too! I feel my baby mostly in my lower abdomen. Once in a while it is higher, but usually pretty low. I am due May 27th.


tasha - January 19

Kate, I am due May 27th as well! That's awesome. Do you know the s_x?


JT - January 19

I am 21 weeks, and the only place I've felt my baby kick is below my belly b___ton. I have not gotten to the rib area yet. I am 5'10", so I dont know if that has anything to do with the baby not being higher up yet, but I'm sure its all normal.


Tess - January 19

I am 23 wks pg tomorrow and when my daughter kicks or moves around....I would always feel it on the lower part of my tummy...sometimes either side or right in the middle......So yeah...i think it would all depends on which direction shes facing.


krista-lee - January 19

ill find out for sure tomorrow, but my doctor said may 26th, 27th or 28th =) thats so cool the 3 of us are due the same time!


Kate - January 19

Tasha and Krista-lee - We'll have to keep in touch and compare notes! I think that it's nice that we will always have a long weekend right around when our babies birthdays are born. Extra time off of work for parties etc. :)



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