Which Name Do You Like

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Sara - August 27

For a girl I like: Jezabel Eviana Janessa Isabel


Emy - August 27

Out of those 4 my favorite is Janessa followed by Isabel. Eviana is pretty with a nickname of Evi, but I don't really like Jezabel.


Dani Renee - August 28

Sara- It sounds cute! Are you thinking like to use all 4? or those are 4 different names you like? I am having a boy, we are naming him Joshio Ja'Rhett ??Gabriel?? Roman. Roman is the last name, and we are not sure yet about the Gabriel. We really like it, but not sure about a long name. He will be hispanic and lots of hispanics have long names, so i guess it will fit.. but we'll see. I know he will deffinatly be Joshio Ja'Rhett though :)


Sara - August 28

No, those are 4 different names. I was just gonna choose one of them.


samantha - August 28

I like Isabel the best, then Eviana...Jezabel makes me think of a name for a cow...No offense.


Sara - August 28

Wow, okay well thanks for being honest.


Rachele - August 28

Ahh I love Jezabel Eviana.....I go for far out unique names also :) Goodluck with which ever you choose.


m - August 29

it depends on the family back ground for me what culture??? my husband is from texas so we went with Austin


Sara - August 29

I'm mexican and my husband is from Texas too.


Jeriah - August 30

I would check on the meaning of Jezabel.


TCM - August 30

As Jeriah said, Jezebel does not have a nice meaning or connotations to many. Eviana is nice.


Ashley - August 30

I have a baby name book with alot of unique names. Like, Swahili names. I like Hebrew ones, like Sarina, for girls. This book says Jezabel means unexalted;impure in Hebrew. There is a strip joint about half an hour from where I live called Jezabel's, so I think even in the 21st century it has retained it's sad meaning. Just a heads up.


Ashley - August 30

Not to be completely negative, I really like the other names, though I kind of favor Isabel. It sounds kind of regal, like a very cla__sy name. Just my two cents! :)


Sara - August 30

Ok, I can cross out Jezabel than, I didnt know the meaning of it but now that I do it's not such a good name, thanks guys.


Dani - August 30

Okay, well now that i know only 1 of them :) I really like Janessa or Isabel :) What will you be using for a middle name?


Sara - August 30

I was thinking of Janessa Isabel :)


joni - August 31




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