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Heidi - May 25

Is it safe to sit in a hot tub/whirlpool while pg? Like the ones by the pools at hotels? I mean for like just 5-10 minutes? Not sure if you can or not. They just look soooo relaxing!


jo - May 25

You are not supposed to be in extremely hot water it could hurt the baby...but as far as taking a hot bath at your house...that is fine...but all those fancy jacuzzis and such...they get way hotter than our regular bath water...stay away from them.


Mary - May 25

Heidi, I have a hotub at home (outside my house) and I did ask my doctor about it - here is the skinny on it: Hotel and public jaccuzzis/hotubs can be very hot so usage of the same should be avoided. However, I pressed my doctor for more answers: Bringing your body temp to above 100 F is very dangerous for the baby, IT MUST BE AVOIDED. The body inside water cannot release heat, so it gets hot faster. If any of you spent time in a jacuzzi without knowing you were pregnant, there is nothing to be alarmed - it takes more than 20 minutes to bring the temp up to dangerous levels and if the tub was very hot it is more than likely that you left the tub before that time. Like I said, we have a hotub at home at 103 F and I used it a couple of times before knowing I was preggers - my baby is fine. I was all worried about it, but my doctor told me not to worry, in some places like Iceland, mothers use tubs weekly! I still use my tub a couple of times per week, we brought the temp down to 98F, which is 100% A-OK, I spend 20 min on the tub 2-3 times per week. I have taken my temp before entering, and before leaving, my temp did not changed at all and my doctor tells me I can benefit from the use of the tub at that lower temp - which I do, it helps with morning sickness and I feel wonderful when I am in there - the buoyancy makes me forget I am preggers! Not to mention how relaxed I feel and how good I sleep afterwards! Of course, at 98F it feels more like a warm pool, and not like a jacuzzi, but the jets make a big difference. My recommendation to you is - if you really want to relax for 5-10 min in a hotel jacuzzi - do it! My doctor also told me to leave my arms and shoulders out of the water to help realease heat from the body (when using a very hot tub) and to leave the tub if I start feeling any bit hot at all! I hope you get to enjoy a couple of minutes of peace!


m - May 25

not unless you want to boil your baby! LOL! JK! But you're not supposed to go in them if they are warmer than normal body temp. No hot baths or showers. Don't want to over heat yourself at any time. Reward yourself after birth by relaxing in one! Gives you something to look forward to for some relaxation.



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