Who Else Is Shopping For Baby Furniture Amp Stuff

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Perl - June 28

Is anyone else shopping for baby furniture and equipment? I'm in my 20th week and just started looking--there are so many choices for cribs, strollers, furniture, swings etc., it's overwhelming. Maybe we can compare notes on all that's out there. If you decide on a particular brand of stroller, car seat, crib let me know what you picked and if there was a particularly helpful reason you made your choice. I didn't even know there were round cribs out there--those are cute.


18wbabynov - June 28

im in my 20th week too... i already have tons of stuff (hand-me-downs) from everyone on earth! my one suggestion would be on the travel system (stroller and carrier/car seat) i would go with the "evenflow" brand. in the consumer reports, there have been no recalls since 1998 and all products tested have been efficient during non-biased testing as of 2005 consumer reports. graco, even though some people are under the false belief it is a better comp. had many recalls, and a piece even snapped off of the car seat in an accident test(again, all info. from consumer report-which you can find at the library).


frankschick2001 - June 28

I have not actively started searching for anyting and have not made any purchases. However I do look around. I LOVE the round cribs and the corner cribs. The corner cribs are larger than you'd think yet are space saving as well! They are so beautiful and different! As far as car/seats/travel systems, I think they are the most confusing!!


NVgirl - June 28

I am 16w4d and will be registering for furniture and things next month... frankschick2001: I never heard of a Corner Crib before. My 2 guest rooms are very small 10'x10' and a corner crib would be perfect. What are some website addresses you looked up?


Perl - June 28

I'll definitely look into evenflow travel system. I never heard of a corner crib either---I guess there's a lot more out there for me to discover. I wish I could get hand me downs. I guess there are just way too many babies in my family that every hand me down has already been handed down to babies born this year. I'm looking to buy the book "Baby Bargains"--have heard lots of good things about it by various people. When I get it I'll share my review of it with you all.


sarahbaby11 - June 28

yes teh chocies are overwhemling. i went through that 2.5 years ago with my first. this time i have all hand me downs but the furniture. so here are a few tips from me. car seat/ stroller combo-get a travel system where the car seat snaps it. its the easiest way for going out and about with a infant. i would recommmend a graco one. the have a new one that is good with an infant to 30 lbs. a lot of other barnds are only to 22 lbs so your baby will outgrow it fast. most i know are out between 6-9 months. next big tip get a chnaginbg table/dresser combo it is studier then the changing table seperate. thats all i can think of for now so start there. last thing to help look online especially at target and babiesr us where you can read the reviews of people that have bought different items. nothing like another womens point of view on an item.


Kristin72 - June 28

Hi Perl, There is also a great crib from baby's r us..they have one that can later be converted into a bed (with head board and foot board) it expands as the child grows..that way you will get many years of use out of it. They also have matching dressers,changing tables, and armoires. I just picked a catalogue up the other day on my way back from the mall and thought it seemed like a good idea. I really like the deocrating from pottery barn..the stuff can get expensive..but you can steel ideas and find things much cheaper at other stores. ttyl Kristin :)


CaliTrish - June 28

Hi Perl, I just started looking at cribs last weekend. I really like the Convertible cribs - crib, toddler bed, daybed, & full-size head/foot board. I like the idea that my son can use the same bed through adulthood. Not sure what he'll think about it, though. They range from $175 to $500. The high-end ones are *really* nice. Only drawback is that many have fixed sides rails which can be hard on your back reaching over to pick up your baby. BabyDepot.com, JCPenney.com, Target.com, & Walmart.com have a decent selection of Convertible cribs. I'll be working on my baby registry after the long weekend, so hopefully I'll have more to report.


HannahBaby - June 28

i already have everything, my first baby is only 17 months. So im pretty excited that i get to spend my money on the stuff that i didnt with my daughter. Im looking at a few different baby slings, some cute designer clothes, and i already bought a brand new double stroller (that my daughter LOVES) and the new car seat for it.


frankschick2001 - June 29

NVGIRL: Try www.mymoondrops.com and also www.babytrilogy.com for the corner cribs.


Jennifer123 - June 29

Perl - I'm reading the Baby Bargains book right now - I'm only through the section on cribs and getting into the furniture part. It's good. It does not reccomend the round crib mainly b/c of how hard it will be to find sheets and bedding. It also doesn't reccomend the converible cribs b/c nobody really ever converts - they just go to twins. They say don't waste money on that. They also say changing tables are a waste of $ and to do your changing station on top of a dresser. We started looking last weekend and have picked out our crib, dresser, chair/ottoman, and bookcase. Nothing has been ordered yet. It only takes 4-6 weeks and right now we don't have anywhere to put it. Here are some websites: www.childcraftindustries.com Here we picked a white Legacy crib. The furniture we picked is Stanley Young America and is part of the Contentment collection. We haven't gotten to any of the other stuff like car seats and strollers. It's so much fun though!!! We are starting the renovation this weekend of transforming the office into a nursery. We're putting up bead board which is a huge task for two non-woodworkers!


Perl - June 29

Wow this is all really good info. Thanks for the tips on infant seats Sarahbaby. **Jennifer123, interesting that you mentioned bead boarding because I'm thinking of doing the same thing. As we're moving things from my husband's den into my library/study I'm seeing that his walls had already been prepped and smoothed out by the previous homeowner for bead board so the job is already partly done. I'm not sure whether a wood finish or white would be best though. Kristin & CaliTrish: I like the convertible crib idea too. ***Thanks everyone for the good info and websites--keep it coming.


knpandrews - June 30

I am a little over 24 wks. and I just purchase the furniture 2 wks.ago. However it can take up to 12 wks. to arrive. We have registered and are painting the nursery this weekend to get things started. I agree there is so much stuff out there but starting now and know what you want and need is the best way to prepare. Buy Buy baby has some really cute furniture but Instore only. As well as a ma__sive selection of stuff. PS... i love round cribs.


mandee25 - July 3

We bought our crib, mattress and dresser for the baby yesterday at Wal-mart. I am 20 weeks now and tomorrow we are going shopping for some more of the bigger baby items. We are on vacation and already had the ultrasound last Friday so we decided to start buying stuff early.


CaliTrish - July 12

I just ordered the Storkcraft Cherry Ariel convertible crib yesterday from Walmart.com. It should be here next week! It really isn't the most practical with it's fixed side rails, but I love how it looks. Even if my son doesn't use it through the years, it'll make a great guest bed someday.


linzee - July 15

i bought the nursery furniture last week. the nave exchange was having a huge one day sale, and i got a $600 nursery set, which includes convertible crib, changing table, and 5 drawer dresser, for only 200. i also got a baby bjorn carrier for 40, the eddie bower ba__sinet/changing table/playpen for 100, and the eddie bouer travel system for 179. the best part is, i paid no taxes! lol. i already had a bouncer, so now all i need is a swing and ba__sinet, and decide how we're going to decorate the nursery, and we'll be set, but im only 22w5d so we stil have a bit of time!


Aviendha416 - July 15

My hubby and I went to Baby's R Us the other day and he nearly had a heart attack over the price of cribs. 8-P. He's got time to save up some extra $$. I'm only 17w 1d. He felt a little better when I pointed out that the expensive crib he was looking at also becomes a toddler day bed or a twin size bed so it will not be a waste of $$. A cousin already gave me a barely used changing table that her mom bought for her own house for when she babysat. All I need is a crib/Mattress and a dresser. Think I'm gonna go with Natural color wood.



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