Who Is Coming To The 3rd Trimester With ME

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Mandi_Lin - January 28

We made it to 27 weeks, Madison is Due to arrive on April 29. How are all you guys hanging in there? Are you finding it hard to sleep too?


Brandi - January 28

OMG if I got more than an hour of sleep at a time I think I'd die of shock hehe. Evan is due the 27th and I'm sooo excited! It's our second, first boy. Have you gotten the stretch mark plague yet?


Brandi - January 28

27th of April...didn't put that sorry!


Mandi_Lin - January 28

yes I have stretchmarks so bad up my stomach it looks awful, but she is worth it!


KelyFranz - January 30

Hey Ladies, I'm due anytime between April 23-May 4. My due date isn't clear because I had major complications in the beginning. I usually say the May 4th so that I'm not disappointed if I go that long, but I REALLY want the baby to come by the end of April!! And, I CAN'T sleep. I hate sleeping on my side, but doc says not to sleep on my back. I just can't get comfortable at night, plus the 435 bathroom breaks each night get in the way of restful sleep. I can't wait to have my baby!!


Tess - January 30

I have 2 more wks til I enter my 3rd tri. Im currently 24-25 wks pg. due May 19th.


momm4 - January 30

I'm 27 weeks today! The doctor says my actual due date is May 1, but he's planning on doing an u/s around the third week of April. We have to watch the size of this one, I've had 3 other children( two by c-section), and they were all over 9 lbs. He's concerned about the higher risk of uterine rupture due to the past surgeries, so, if possible, we need to get her out before she gets too big.(only if it's safe, and she's ready, though!) OMG, I can't believe we're here at this point already. I have to say I'm ready for this to be over, though, I'm so uncomfortable and I'm really starting to feel like an old lady!!!


SarahB - January 30

I think I am around 27 weeks my baby is due between April 28-May 5. I've been told 3 dif dates so I usually count from May 5 and I think that puts me at 27 weeks Thursday or friday.


Monique - January 30

According tp "What to Expect When Your Expecting", the 3rd trimester beings at 28 weeks! So much conflicting info out there! SarahB, I'm due EXACTLY when you are somewhere between April 30 and May 7th! I've taken to sayng Cinco De Mayo myself!! LOL


Lexy - February 2

How does it feel entering into the 3rd tri? I'm in wk 24 and only just got used to the 2nd tri..it's really flown by, with xmas and new year celebrations. I am a little scared now, almost 'bluesy' that it feels like the the 'end' is approaching and the real work is going to start soon...It sort of holds 'celebrity' status at the moment...On the other hand, I can't wait to meet the little fella and let him/her stretch out properly...so lively...sorry I'm waffling...see you in the 3rd soon xxx


maya - February 3

dont think we have to stick to any exact scheduling.. as we all know the baby comes out when it wants to. "9 months" is just a number.. they are fully term from 37 weeks on. right? I'll be rounding the corner to face the final lap in a couple weeks!!!!!! I feel like I found out I was pregnant just yesterday! but at the same time .. due date feels so far away!


Krc - February 3

Heck, I doze off at work, fall asleep on the couch once I get home, go to bed early, and sleep all night long. I am 14 1/2 weeks this past week I've been real tired. But when I wake up for work at 6am I spring right out of bed !! It's around noontime when the sleepiness kicks in. I always feel good though..not groggy or deprived, I just wanna sleep , LOL !


Jenn - February 3

am just about at 27 weeks due May 12.. is this when we enter the thrid trimester.. cant hid it anymore.. Its all out there..lol to many peoples suprise.. there like your Pregnant........hehe



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