Who Is Fed Up With Maternity Shirts Blouses

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April Mom - November 11

OK ladies I need to vent here. I am 20 weeks pregnant. I've gained 10 pounds. I have been wearing maternity pants for a while and I think they are great. When I wear maternity shirts I look 10 times bigger than when I wear non maternity shirts. It's crazy. I am so fed up with all those maternity shirts. This past weekend I bought this really cute shirt on sale. I didn't try it on (I know I am to blame). Was going to wear it today. I put it on and wanted to die---I looked like I was 8 months pregnant. Then I put on one of my non-matenity shirts and I don't even look pregnant. Anyone want to vent with me?


karen - November 11

It's weird how much bigger those maternity shirts make you look. I have a couple from Old Navy that aren't too roomy though--I just like them because they are long enough to hide my unb___toned pants or my elastic on maternity pants. You're right--some of them are ridiculous, but I figure I'll appreciate that a few months from now when they're all I can fit into. :)


Tara - November 11

I hear you! I am 26 weeks and have gained about 15 pounds. The shirt I wore today makes me look like I'm due any day. I feel like I'm wearing a tent, but hate to buy more shirts because they cost so much. My normal clothes are a little to snug, so I'm stuck feeling huge, when I'm really not.


Jo - November 11

I KNOW. I'm 17 weeks, gained 13 pounds. Been wearing maternity pants for a while, but am still in my old shirts (the bigger ones). Unless you knew I was pregnant, you'd probably just think I was a little plump around the middle. I'm not wearing maternity shirts until its a must.


KFish - November 11

I am wearing my husband's shirts. I did have some maternity shirts last time, but they did not make me look like I was wearing a tent. Where are you getting your maternity shirts?


Jill - November 11

If they are that big on you, you probably don't need them yet. I went out and bought a few of those "surplus" tops for this in between stage. I'll be able to wear them when I am no longer pregnant. They are cute because they are tight enough to show off my bump and they don't ride up over it like my old tight tops.


Lisa - November 11

Victoria Secrets has the best T-Shirt ever that I wear as a maternity top. I just got it one size bigger. It's called the "s_xy wide v-neck tee" and it's really nice and stretchy and soft. I love wearing them and I got them for when I'm not pregnant too. They show your belly nice and they are long enough to cover the tops of your maternity pants. I am almost in my 24th week and I still wear mine..love them!


Andrea - November 24

Yes i feel your pain i'm also 20 weeks and i hate hate hate the maternity shirts. I was a size 2 before i got pregnant and i love old navy maternity pants and also at the store Ross I found some pants but shirts is hard. I have a small belly and i'm about 5'3 and small everywhere else. I have actually had to leave the mall cause I started to cry over not being able to get shirts that where cute and fit good. Good Luck. Due April 10th


Aussie - November 24

Im from Australia and here i cant even buy a maternity shirt unless i want to look 50 years older than i am coz they all look like they are made for old people and are all ugly. Except 1 shop "Pumpkin Patch" but thats way to expensive. So im stuck with wearing ugly baggy shirts i hate it coz i wanna show off my bump.


hey there - November 24

I'm an April mom too. I tried on some maternity shirts a few weeks ago just for fun, and I know exactly what you mean. They're RIDICULOUSLY HUGE! There are some sold nowadays that are form fitting because shouldn't we love to show off our beautiful pregnant figure? I haven't worn any maternity tops yet, just maternity bottoms. I'm hoping I can just get away with wearing oversized regular shirts until the very end. They're a dime a dozen at thrift stores anyway.


Terra - November 25

I agree... I can't find too much maternity to fit, even the pants are a little big, but at least I can manage that. *i'm 22wks* But I still can't find a shirt, it's good at least that alot of stores are carrying longer t-shirts . sweaters etc.. that is a new "style" so I've just shopped around reg. stores, I will not go into a marternity store for tops AGAIN



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