Who Is Getting AFP Triple Screen

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g - October 18

i chose not to get this test done and am concerned i made a mistake, i dont think it is too late to change my mind. Who is or is not doing this test? Thanks


mina - October 18

to g: I think you can still get one. How far along are you? Lots of people are against them, because of false positives and scares, but I am glad I did it because of my situation. I did not want an amnio ((I am 36) so opted for a quad screen and a detailed scan at 20 weeks. My quad screen came back good, but they found a a "soft marker" for Down Syndrome at my u/s. Since I had had the quad screen, they knew my chance of a baby with DS was only 1 in 4000, so we figured not to worry about the marker on the u/s. If I had not had the test, I would have probably felt like I should have an amnio to be sure. I would not have terminated because of DS, but want to be prepared emotionally and prepare family if we were to have a child with special needs. Best to you,


to g - October 18

Hi. I agonized over this for days but I finally decided to take the test. I also would not have terminated because of DS but I wanted to be prepared. My test came out negative and made me feel much better! Call your doc and see if its too late if you want to take it.


Debi - October 18

Hi g, I'm on the other side reguarding this test. I did have a quad screen because I didn't want the amnio either (I'm 35) and it came back with a 1:47 chance of my baby having Trisomy 18 (which is fatal) so I ended up having the amnio anyway. I am happy to say that my little girl is fine, but should I ever get pregnant again I am not having the blood test and going straight for the amnio. I spent more then 2 weeks in a panic over the blood test results only to find out through the amnio that everything is fine. The amnio was not near as bad as I imagined. I would think that if you could get a "false +" screen from the blood work you may also get a "false -" If you at a higher risk of having a baby with abnormalities (like me-due to age) you may want to talk to your doctor about any other tests that they can do, such as a genetic u/s. As far as I'm concerned the quad screen made me a wreck for 2 weeks for no reason and I would not recommend it. Talk with your doctor to figure out which test would be best for you if you choose to have any. Good luck:)


bean - October 18

I'm choosing not to get the AFP done. I'm only 13 wks, so my AFP would be done at my next appt (in 2 weeks). At first I thought we should... just to prepare "if" (we would never terminate). But then I talked to my Mom who said that "back in her day" there weren't such tests available and all the dct ever did was listen for the h/b (they didn't even let the Moms hear) and that was it. You just went on faith that everything would be fine, and it was. I kinda like that simple philosophy. Why complicate things even more. I'm not high risk - I'm 29 and in good health, as is dh - so I don't think I need the stress of yet another test. I pray that my baby is fine, and if not, it's our gift either way. Que sera sera in my opinion.


AMY - October 18



mina - October 18

a very personal decision as you can see. The rate for a false positive is much, much higher than a for a false negative -- though it is not impossible to have one. I can definitely see how the test would add unnecessary worries if you did get a false positive. What we all wish for is a healthy baby and good pregnancy . . . if only there were a way to know for sure!! As Debi said, if your age is a factor, or you continue to be concerned, you can consider an amnio or a detailed u/s.


Judi - November 1

I had the triple screen, and I'm really glad that I did. Based on my age (35), my risk of Down Syndrome was 1 in 270 and my risk of Trisomy 13 or 18 was 1 in 400. After the results came back, my risk of Down Syndrome dropped to 1 in 635 and the risk of Trisomy 13 or 18 dropped to 1 in 9341. This really put our minds at ease. I wouldn't have terminated the pregnancy if I were at high risk for DS, but I'd rather know in advance. Also, since they did the nuchal translucency measurement, we got to have an ultrasound and see the baby at 12 weeks, which was amazing. I'm also having a level II ultrasound in another month.


ry - November 1

hi i am not getting this done because of the false positive rate. My doctor said that the ultrasound is pretty acurate at detecting any abnormalities and the triple screen test only adds an extra 5% of accuracy in detection when used with the u/s. I figure if they catch something in the u/s i will get an amnio, something I would do if needed with the test anyway. To me its not worth the undo stress for a 5% increase in detection (if the results are not false)



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