Who S Due In And Around The 11th November 2005

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susie - May 17

Hi everyone... im due around the 11th of november... im 19 yrs old and from northern ireland this is my first and i was hoping to make new friends on here... how are you all finding your pregnancys? Do any of you know what you are having yet? love susie xxx <3


Mythili - May 17

According to doctors my due date is November 9th, but according to my calculations my due date is November 13th.... I don't know yet as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Husband and I have decided to keep that a surprise, so we won't be asking the ultrasound tech.


SRG - May 17

Hi Mommy's to be....I am due on Nov 10th, and SO SO SO excited. This is my first and we are going to try to find out what we are having atmy next U/S. I cannot wait to hold my baby. Baby Dust to you all!


DD - May 17

I am due on Nov. 13th, this is also my first. I will find out what I am having on June 22nd. My pregnancy so far has been great, no morning sickness, just eat everything is site.


Nikki - May 17

Hi! I'm due Nov. 16th! Can't wait! I felt the first slight movements two days ago :) That was great! I find out what I'm having on June 28th. Good luck to you all!


lilmum - May 17

hey ladies, i'm due nov. 24. You should come check out TOPAZ thread, we're all due in november. We would love to have more mommies-to-be to chat with! I am so excited for you ladies that have felt your babies move. I have been having dreams about feeling mine move, but i know it will still be a few more weeks. I miss that feeling so much, it's the most rewarding heartwarming feeling you can imagine. Congrats on your babies, and keep up the good work!!


k - May 17

I am due on the 14th of Nov. This is my second. WE have a lilltle boy who is 6. I feel like im doing it all over again though.I find out what it is on the 30th of june. good luck to all.


Steph - May 17

Hi susie- CONGRATS! I am also due on November 11th. I don't know the s_x yet, but I have a Drs appt. this afternoon, they will be scheduling my ultrasound for 19 weeks to see what the s_x is. I can't wait! This is my first pregnancy too. Congrats again, I hope you are doing GREAT!


Carrie - May 17

Hi Lilmum...I think people are trying to get away from the Topaz thread...way too much drama for all these new mommies to go on. Hi Ladies, I am due Nov 14th, 2005...and feeling great!


BL - May 17

Hi everyone-I am due November 10. First baby also-I am so excited-I heard the baby's heartbeat today-It really is so amazing-the best sound in the world. It really makes it so real. I had my first u/s done at 9 weeks and just scheduled my 20 week but I don't want to know what the s_x is-my husband does and he's driving me CRAZY! Congratulations to you all. Susie-How are you feeling? Where in Northern Ireland are you?


Cher - May 18

I am due Nov 8th - with my 4th ....I will try and find out what I am having at my u/s on June 20th - feeling great, starting to show and I think I am feeling some fluttering movements already:) Congrats to you and everyone else due with Nov babies:)


RG - May 18

I'm 27 and due 11/11 from the estimated due date and due 11/15 from the first ultrasound pic. Will be 15 weeks Friday. We are going 6/15 to find out if it is a girl or boy!


Desiree - May 18

so this is where all the gals from our club have gone to...... i have been wondering where everyone went.... i guess i found ya! how is everyone doing? hopefully good..... I WISH THE TIME WOULD PASS SOONER!


Justine - May 19

I'm due Nov 8th and am from London in England. This is my first child and an IVF/ICSI baby (due to male infertility). I'm having a terrible pregnancy have bled 10 times so far but baby was fine at last check up at 13 weeks.


mandi - May 19

i am due on nov the 14th.


First Time Mum - May 19

Hi Susie and to all you pregnant ladies, I am due on 9th November and am from London, England. Being in my 15 week I am glad to say I am not feeling sick and everything seems to be okay. The only problem is that I seem to look fat right now and not pregnant. At that stage where I am not able to fit into maternity wear but my normal clothes are tight. Good luck! I am really pretty excited.


t - May 19

Hi ladies, I'm from New Zealand, and am due on the 8th November. I really enjoy this site, as I live on a farm and don't really get a chance to go to pregnancy groups. We decided not to find out the s_x of the baby, I like surprises too much! I've been feeling the baby moving around in there for a few days now, and still keep incredibly still to feel every movement, it's unlike anything I've ever felt before!



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