Who S Due In And Around The 11th November 2005

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t - May 19

Hi ladies, I'm from New Zealand, and am due on the 8th November. I really enjoy this site, as I live on a farm and don't really get a chance to go to pregnancy groups. We decided not to find out the s_x of the baby, I like surprises too much! I've been feeling the baby moving around in there for a few days now, and still keep incredibly still to feel every movement, it's unlike anything I've ever felt before!


NickieDo - May 20

My due date is Nov 16th! (My hubb'y mom AND dad's b-day) :)


Susie - May 20

Well i went for my scan yesterday and it is telling me that im 15weeks pregnant and im now due on the 9th of november!! i cant wait and thanks all so much for all the replys... ANYONE WHO WISHES TO CHAT ADD ME TO MSN: birdy002@hotmail.com OR YAHOO MESSENGER: banbridge_babe2003


kaz - May 22

im about 18 weeks, i dont know what i am having as the maternity unit i am booked to do not scan you after 12 weeks, i want to know and will go for a private scan soon


USMCNiki - May 22

Hi I am due on November 24th, 2005. I do not know what I am having yet. I am from North Carolina in the USA. I am 21 years old and have 2 little girls already. My husband will actually be over seas when this one is born. Hoping for a boy!


To USMC Niki - May 23

Hi! My name is Nikki too! I'm from South Carolina. Congrats on your pregnancy. Do you plan on finding out what you're having? I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow and will know the s_x of our baby June 30th! Can't wait :) Keep in touch! Nikki from SC


KKK - May 23

I am 17 weeks and Due 11/01/05. I would liek to find out but they could not see s_x of the baby when they did scan last week. Is there any way I can find out or I have to wait for nect scan. I willing to pay some money for scan but don't know where to go? Any Idia?


RG - May 23

To Niki and Nikki....I'm from NC also. How neat. I'm 15 weeks due 11/11 or 11/15....go 6/15 to find out what I'm having. :) We are so excited, this is our first.


kaz - May 24

my doctors only offer you 1 ultrasound and that is done at 12 weeks, im now 17 weeks, dying to find out the s_x, and a bit worried that any defects will not be picked up, short of going for a private u/s i dont know what else to do, how much is a private u/s in the uk


Justine - May 24

Kaz - I'm suprised you only have one ultrasound. I live in London and the hospitals by me all do 2 (one at 12 weeks and 1 at 21 weeks or so). I've had 8 so far due to several emergency scans due to bleeding. The 12 week scan checked for Downs. The 21 week scan tells me if I'm at risk of very premature birth. Inbetween the midwife checks the heartbeat every few weeks or so. I'd try asking your doctor for another scan. I don't know how much they cost privately or where you'ld go. I suppose I'd phone BUPA.


smiley - May 24

Hello to all you mom's to be I am 14 weeks of preg. Haven't had an u/s to see the s_x of the baby and am very anxious to know what i am carrying I already have 2 boys..


kaz - May 25

thanks justine, had blood tests for downs and spina bifeda last week, get my results next week. They have checked the heartbeat and everythings fine so im told. i see my midwife on the 3rd of june and i will ask her for another scan. Hope everything works out well for you and the little one


Jessica - May 25

I am due Nov 1st. I am so excited. I live in North Carolina USA and am looking forward to the babies birth. I don't know what it is yet other than a kick boxer! I am experiencing heartburn all day long and hunger for anything spicy.


Jessica - May 25

mythili-------my father's b-day is nov 13th! It's a wonderful day but do occasionally have the friday the 13th b-days....hope you aren't superst_tious


Lisa - May 25

Hi Susie...I am due Nov 20th with my first...my husband and i are both so excited...we heard the heartbeat and it was so amazing....i have my first u/s in 3wks....I can't wait I have to know the s_x.....congradulation :o)


Nicky - June 1

hiya Susie i am due the 11 November 05 i am also 19 and this is my first, Its going well up to now but still have very bad morning sickness, How is your pregnancy? love Nicky



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