Who S Going Back To Work After The Baby

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N - May 12

Just wondering who is going back to work after that baby is born. If you go back is it because you have to for the money, or you love your job? If you're not going back, why not?


nm - May 12

I am going back to work after the baby but, I am going to back part-time.


Heidi - May 12

Going back full time. Need the money, too good of a job to give up and great hours and benefits. My hubby and I both work for the same city so we get to switch off and on for maternity leave so I can ease back in after 6 weeks.


Beth - May 12

I am going back because right now at the time I HAVE to. If I was able to stay home I would still need some kind of day care facility because I would go to school while my three step children are in school so I can finish my college degree.


Jennifer - May 12

I am not sure if I am going to go back or not, I get a year off for Maternity Leave, so I have a year to decide, if I do go back it will be because I have to for the money, not because I love my job!!! My husband and I will have to see how things look next year.


Kelly K - May 12

I have to go back as soon as the 6 weeks is up (8 if I have a c-section) because of money and because I love my job. I'm in HR for a major corporation and my boss is great. He'll be real easy going about me coming back slowly. We may end up having my husband stay home depending on the cost of daycare.


D - May 12

I'm staying home. Our budget will be tight, but I will do what I can to cut expenses by sewing, thrift shopping, cooking more from basics (scratch) and growing a garden. Even though daycare is a great option for some, we think that God gave us this child to raise, and unless the situation absolutely demands it, one of us will stay home to take care of the baby. We don't have many relatives in the area (1), so we don't have that childcare option. Plus, (unless you have a really spectacular job... .which I don't) frequently if you break down the cost of daycare, the extra gas mileage, the "quick" meals purchased because of lack of time to fix one at home, etc. often the cost of living with two incomes + daycare is not all that different than living with one income. Anyway. We don't criticize others for different opinions/decisions... I hope some part of our decision will help you with yours - whatever it is!


Raye Lynn - May 12

I agree with D. Me, too.


Tammy - May 13

I work from home so I will be resuming my job on a part-time basis in the future. We will be bringing someone to help part-time hopefully. We have our own business so my husband goes out to contract jobs and I do the paperwork from home.


Lynn - May 16

I'll be going back to work after 6 weeks... I'm hoping to ease back in with a parttime schedule the first 2 weeks back & then to fulltime. My husband & I both make about the same amount & although daycare can run $140-$225 a week where we are, It still doesn't make sense for me to quit. My job pays too much & is very flexible for time off - you can bet I plan on taking the first summer like day off to spend at the beach with the baby and that sort of thing.


Babygirls1st - May 20

I am planning to go back to work full-time after 12 weeks for my 1st baby.. We make good money, but we dont want to rush into anything too quickly..


ES - May 20

I was going to go back full time but now I feel like I want to do something to keep myself in contact with outside so I am planning on going back 3-4 days per week. I have not tld my boss yet and nor do Iknow if that will be something he is willing to do but I know full time is there and I am going to look at part time somewhere interesting. I also am starting my Masters Degree in December so part time is all I want. Also my husband in in the military so he may end up back in Ira for a few months so I want to be home with the baby if he goes. I agree that by cutting back especially in the realm of eating out we could manage on his income it would just be tight.


SE - May 20

Definitely staying home. I know I could never handle the stress of balancing everything. For years my husband and I have been making our financial decisions, like buying a smaller house and cheaper cars, knowing that I would eventually be home with a child (children?). To those of you going back to work, are you pretty good at dealing with stress or just naturally laid-back people? I honestly have no idea how I could handle working and a baby. The first time something happened to throw off the schedule, like the car needing to go into the shop, I know I would just lose it. I need to know I have plenty of extra time to handle the unexpected.


Mythili - May 20

I am just 15 weeks now. Although, in Canada we have an year of maternity leave. I haven't decided whether I will take the year off or not.


Heidi - May 20

SE - I know what you mean about the stress but fortunately my daycare is next door so it won't be a big chore to drop off and pick up. My fiance and I both work at the same place and both get off work at 3:00 pm and can run off on lunch breaks so if we do have errands we need to run, we can quick do them during break or after work. So it shouldn't be a big deal with both of us back to work.


Christy - May 22

I won't go back to my current positon after I have the baby. I am a manager at this time, and have no interest in resuming that stress level or working that many hours a week. I'll probably do casual/PRN work on the weekends at a couple of places for extra money when I feel up to it. I work in healthcare so that is a very doable option. I am like SE in that I don't think I can handle the stress of balancing the job and the baby. I really admire those of you who can. It is not easy, but often necessary. Interestingly, I have spoken to some people who thought that they would stay home with their children until they were school-aged (kind of what I am leaning towards,) but ended up going back to work full-time much sooner. I guess they really missed having a job and adults to interact with about non-baby/kid stuff. I can see that. For now, I'll stick to my plan, and my husband is fine with that. Who knows? Maybe I will want to go back to work more hours sooner than I think. I guess we'll see.


Amanda - May 23

I'll be going back to work eventually. However, it will not be at my current job - we are getting ready to move and it will make my drive over an hour each way. That, on top of having to pay for daycare, makes my job pretty much useless. :( But yeah, I'll most likely stay home for a few months and then get out looking for jobs on my side of town. :) Plus, I HATE this job!!



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