Who Told There Job There Pregnant What Did They Think

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ambertane - September 21

Well i did tell my boss, he has been kind of rude to me ever since like he makes me do alot that im not even suppose to do so i ignore him, i think he is descrimating me just because i am pregnant so it makes my job more stressful i think i need to talk to my dr. about this...


kl - September 21

i told my boss when i was about 8 weeks pregnant because i had started showing very early...she took it better than with the first one but she still makes smart remarks when she is in a mood


Cathy - September 21

Bosses can be so rude sometimes. I had to tell mine when I was only 4 weeks because I am not allowed to lift more than 25# and at that time I was helping in the plant doing shipping. I am now back in my office, my boss has been ok with me, but not as close as we used to me. My co-worker however is terrible. She keeps asking me when i plan to go on maternity leave and I am only 13 weeks. She contantly gives me dirty looks everytime I go to the restoom. Oh well.


Rhonda - September 21

I feel for you ladies that your bosses are being mean about it...my job is wonderful and my boss always asks me how I am doing and how the baby is doing that kind of thing...if you are being treated badly you need to report it to personnel dept if you have one cause there should be no reason for that...I even get 6wks paid maternity leave..how cool is that!! well good luck


Tara - September 21

My boss's have been great. I work in an office, just me and 4 guys...WOW....sometimes they tiptoe around me when i'm moody, become kindof a joke, plus they are gaining weight w/ me because i have so much yummy food around.


Sonia - September 21

I too am very lucky, my bosses (a married couple) have the most beautiful baby girl, who just turned one last week. So they're very understanding and are always asking me how I'm doing and making remarks about how my belly is growing. It sucks that some bosses just don't understand, but I guess the best thing to do is just work as usual, so they know that we don't need no special treatment (something that doesn't compromise your health of course) and mostly they just gotta deal with it. We gotta show them that we're pregnant, NOT sick, and that we can continue with our jobs with the same enthusiasm and skills as before.


Dani - September 21

I told my boss when I was 6 weeks.I had to let her know due to a bad bad case of morning sickness. I ran a cash registar and also when not on a registar i stocked shelves. I couldnt be lifting. My boss was very rude about it & didnt see why i eventually quit. well between puking and puking in a little trash can in between helping customers when im the only cashier up there. And no matter how much i told her my dr. didnt want me throwing frieght she still insisted me doing stocking. I gave my notice. and havent worked since...


Sue - September 21

I told my boss, he was shocked and so was everyone else. I was the kind of woman who is very dedicated to her job, and social life. Work hard, Party hard, play hard. Always sais that I didn't have time for a kid and didn't want one, that I liked my life the way it is. I am 33 and this is my first, I am very happy but others just can't see me as a mother. My boss now hardly ever talks to me, I think it is because I am more focused on me and my baby than going the extra mile for work. Also I dont'have any wild weekend stories to share anymore. I am scared, this pg was not planned, but I am happy, just scared about all the changes in my life after the baby is born. How will i continue to work? etc...


Jess - September 21

I told my boss when I was 12 weeks and she was very understanding being that she too had a little one. I think the way your boss is treating you is a little rude and descrimanation is against the law. Remember that they can not fire you for being pregnant.


amber - September 23

hey i told my boss he has been rude to me ever sense like i dont think he likes the fact that i am pregnant he always makes me do stupid stuff, overworks me i am tired of it, i think i need to tell my dr. how rude he has been.


crystalgla__sfire_fly - September 27

actually my boss guessed that i was pregnant just because i was scared i hadn't told the dad yet and i was scared to what he was goin to say but he is thrilled and i got laid off not because i was pregnant though but my boss was thrill just because him and his wife wanted kids and they had not had any luck yet and now i think that they are going to adopt wich is a wonderful thing.i dont work right now and the job i had i enjoyed but, no one take offence to this because i knew that i could do better it was just gettin out there to do it, it was just a gas station job but i really did enjoy it i am told i can come back at any time and that my district manager, who gave me like three hour lecture on why i should have waited and how i should have went to collage and how he has kids my age and what they are doin with their life blah blah blah, well the district manager thionks that i could go far inthe company but i really do not think that running a gas station is really what i want to do



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