Whooping Cough At 20 Weeks

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wrightofway - February 3

Hi Everyone, HISTORY: DS got croup a week before Christmas. I ended up with the adult version (we thought) -- parainfluenza virus. I was coughing so hard I was puking. It lasted about 2 weeks. Doc gave me inhalers, antibiotics and cough syrup. FAST FORWARD TO NOW: - Though worlds better, my cough persisted. I was still coughing a bit each day. Until last week. DS got ear infection. I got his cold. We thought. The cough came back full force. Back to the doctor. She says its probably 100 day cough (which I learned is whooping cough)... but didn't swab to confirm. - She also suggested could be laryngeal bronchitis. - More inhalers (same as ones before) and cough syrup and antibiotics. I still have the fever 100.7 this morning... and tylenol helps only a bit. I cough to the point where I about vomit. I can't stop this horrible cough. Is this bad for the baby??? The antibiotics are fine i'm told... but wont' help me -- its to prevent the bug from remaining contagious. - I'm told I'll keep getting repeated bouts of this for about another 2 or 3 months. Lucky me. Anyone with advice / experience in treating this bugger of a bug please help. Thanks.


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

o my im so sorry to hear about your health problems. the whopping cough is called the whooping couhg because when you cough it sounds like your whooping. I had it 2 or 3 times as a child, even thought I was annoculated, and I never threw up once. Maybe get a second opinion and definatly get a swap done, from personal experience bronchitis and strepthroat the cough I got I would cough and cough until i threw up. why would you get repeated bouts that doesnt make sense antibiotics are giving to kill the infection and make you better not make it less contagious and haunt you. Pls get a second opinion right away for you and your baby.



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