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Emy - August 26

I wish I could enjoy this pregnancy. I am 14w4d and so far everything has been perfectly normal. I have had two ultrasounds and the last one was at 12 weeks. Baby looked great. I have a fetal doppler and the baby's heartbeat is where it needs to be. But I just can't relax. It is horrible. I feel like all my bad anxiety is being transferred to this poor innocent baby. It deserves to have a happy mom and someone who concentrates more on love than fear. I just don't know how to convince myself that everything will be fine. Is this normal or is my anxiety over the top? Thanks in advance for your replies.


jb - August 26

I think some anxiety is probably normal. So far the my baby seems very healthy, but I still worry all the time too.


Ca__sie - August 26

Emy, what is it exactly that you're worried about? I guess one thing that should put your mind at ease is that you've made it to the second trimester. This is a time of happiness because you've made it through the most "risky" period. As long as you're being healthy, you're doing everything you should. That includes mental health too... so relax and know that all is in God's hands. And coming on here to talk about your feelings always helps too.


Emy - August 26

Thanks Ca__sie and JB. Ca__sie, you are absolutely right. I guess I am just anxious that something will go wrong. Like, this is too good to be true. But I really do need to put everything into God's hands. I just want this baby so badly and I wish I could fast forward through the months to hold him/her. My mom tells me that it is also because I have not yet felt the baby move. She says this is a great moment. Only weeks away now...


Brandy - August 26

Emy, I know exactly how you feel. We had some minor bleeding during the first trimester and since then it has been very hard to relax. I just keep thinking I wish that Dec. (due 12/29) would get here. Everyone tells me to just enjoy it...easier said then done. I will tell you that I have been feeling my little guy for about 5 weeks now (strongly for two weeks) and it is very rea__suring. Just remember that the more stressed you are the worse for the baby. Ca__sie is right, you have made it through the risky time. And remember, it is in God's hands...there is nothing you can do exact love and nurture both you and the baby. Congrats to you... have you thought about names or what you would like to have? Ours is a little boy...Koby Stephen.


Dani Renee' - August 28

Emy, I was the same way at the start of my pregnancy. I watched on www.babyzone.com everyday to wait for the date that I would be in the safe zone. Once I got out of the first trimester and into the 2nd I felt a little better but still everyday worried about something going wrong. I have wanted a baby for so long, and now it is here. I am just affraid I will do something wrong. My hubby is very catholic and prays everyday for us. God will watch over you and your baby. I relaxed quite a bit untill it was time for the level 2 ultrasound. One part of me was excited to find out the s_x of my little man, but i was crying. I couldnt figure it out, but in the back of my mind I was worrying that the tech would find something bad... When we got to the Level 2 ultrasound, he checked for everything. SpinaBif. Downs, etc. It was such a relief to hear that he was doing good. I know there are still some things that could be wrong, but i look at it like the major bad things that could have went wrong are on the right road :) *smile* I pa__sed up the blood test stuff. I had my ultrasound 1 week b4 i would of had it done. Like i mentioned with my hubby, he feels that it is better not to do the blood work. We know this much so far, and pray that the rest will be okay :) Just relax, When i was in the fear time.. i did alot of internet searching and reading. I loved reading about my baby daily. Then i found this site, its awesome. Get a pregnancy record book, you can purchase one at any book store for around $20.00 It has fill in the spots for your feelings, thoughts, appts, pics,ultrasound stuff.. etc. Also on www.babycrowd.com, its a free website w/a countdown to your due date, weekly facts, a online photo album to share online. Also There is monthly questions to fill out :) Its great. Just do stuff to keep things off your mind!! Good luck :)


Ashley - August 29

Emy, I am going to get a stethoscope at a nurse supply station when I hit 17-18 weeks so I can spend hours searching for the heartbeat! *lol* I am not quite 15 w and I'm feeling flutters already! I am trying not to worry, but sometimes it's almost impossible. The flutters are helping me, I'm feeling them every few days. Maybe when you start to feel the baby things will be better, like your mom suggested! :)


Jeriah - September 17

Have you tried yoga and breathing exercises?



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