Why Are Babies Born Still Born

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C2 - November 11

I am 21 weeks and just came back from my 2nd Ultrasound yesterday with the news of having my first little man!! I am soo excited, all the test and readings were normal and healthy. But now that I know the s_x it has made me feel ALOT closer to my little one and I'm starting to worry about well everything... Are their any preventable causes of (God forbid) stil born?


Jezebel - November 11

there are a million and one reasons babies are stillborn and unfortunately more often than not the cause is not found on autopsy. many times it ends up being an issue with the placenta. of course there are genetic abnormalities as well but more often than not it is placenta, not baby related.


lissica - November 12

Hi C2. I don't have any answer on still births but i just wanted to say this. With my 1st pregnancy, I worried about everything. About every pain, when i couldn't feel the baby move, when i over exhausted myself and a million other things. Then i worried about giving birth. Then for the longest time it was SIDS. Now my son is 13mo and there are plenty other things to worry about lol. I'm just saying i know how you feel and that worrying is normal. You're a mom now! However we aren't in control of those bad things that happen. All we can do is take care of ourselves and our baby the best we can. I am 19wks with my 2nd now and the stress level is way less! Good luck!


CodyKatie5 - November 12

Speaking from experience, there is really nothing anyone can do to prevent a stillbirth. My first was stillborn at full term due to a cord accident 15 months ago. It was 3 times around her neck. She was also in a breech position. In my case, my current doctor (who was not my doc last time), suspects it was a combo of low amniotic fluid, baby's positioning, and the cord that allowed her to somehow cut off her supply. Jezebel was right though that many times it has something to do with the placenta or even more tragically, there is no cause, even after an autopsy. Almost like SIDS in the womb...I think stillbirth is the cruelest thing any mother can go through..it truly is the destroyer of dreams. On a positive note though, I am currently 24w pregnant w/another little girl...I honestly do find myself at times scared to bond with her, yet I know I have already survived it...I didn't think I could but God gave me the strength to do it and to go through another pregnancy after experiencing that can be very emotionally draining. I have a strong relationship with Christ (something that got stronger through that awful time in my life), and I know each and every day that I just have to commit her little life to Him. However, I do see a high risk doc and a regular OB and starting in the third trimester I will be given weekly non stress tests and occa__sional biophysical profiles to just make sure she is doing ok and to give me some rea__surance. My advice is to go with your gut instinct...all of us as mothers are paranoid about our babies, but if you have a deep down feeling that something isn't right, bring it up w/your doc and get it resolved.


Nat22 - November 19

I too can speak from experience, I had a stillborn a little over two years ago (August 26, 2006). It was my first baby and a precious little boy. It was caused by a cord accident as well... the cord was wrapped twice tightly around his right leg, compressing the cord. There was absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent these types of accidents. I know there are certain situations that can prevent stillbirth if it is a known medical cause. A friend of mine who I met for support reasons had a stillborn last year due to a blood clotting disorder. Her doctors were able to control the disorder and she just delivered a healthy little girl last month. I know it's impossible not to worry about the worst when you are pregnant, especially if you have been through the worst and lost a baby, but try not to dwell on the negative thoughts. Most women are lucky enough to never have to experience losing a baby in that way. All you can do is do your best to have a healthy pregnancy... take care of yourself and your little baby and know that you are doing the best you can. 6 months after I lost my sweet little boy, i got pregnant with my healthy little girl who just turned 1 two weeks ago :) I am currently 17w5d pregnant with baby #3... every day all I can do is hope for the best.


Brenna - November 20

I have never had a miscarriage or stillborn,I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second baby,but I can tell you the older your baby is the more attached you become.Please don't think I am saying having a stillborn wouldn't be devastating.My condolences to everyone who has had this tragedy happen to them.I can't imagine how awful it would be to lose the baby I am carrying now,but I also have a precious 19 month old baby girl,and if something happened to her I don't know if I could go on,my point is you will drive yourself crazy thinking like this because it never gets any better.I know it's hard,but relax and enjoy your pregnancy!


ezk - December 9

I had a stillborn baby after a completely healthy pregnancy. I went in to deliver and they never found a heartbeat. Most doctors say you can't see cord problems or placenta issues on an u/s, and there is no way to prevent this from happening. Some doctors, though recommend doing kick counts. See babykickaliance dot org for more information.


BQlilu - March 24

I had a loss at 35 weeks. No cause, healthy pregnancy and just didn't feel her move all morning so I went in and they couldn't find her heartbeat. I went on to have a healthy pregnancy after 9 mos of trying. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Try not to worry on the unforseen things that can happen. It's in god's hands, but enbrace that little peanut you have growing now=)



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