Why Are Some Days Different

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Staci - May 4

Ho come there are some days that I feel the baby move all day long non stop and others I hardly feel it at all? Some books say a "change in fetal activity" could be a sign of a problem, so how do you know when to worry? Im btwn 19 & 20 weeks, and I am having my first baby, a boy(!) at the end of September! I worry when there are days where I hardly feel him, which is so different than other days where he seems like he is on a trampoline! Has anyone felt this way?


Kara - May 4

Hi Staci, Yes, I was wondering exactly the same thing last week. I'm 20 weeks, My baby is sometimes soo active he hurts me!, and then he'll be quiet for a couple of day, even though i'm still aware he's moving very gently. Everyone tells me this is normal, the pregnancy manual i have said that baby's have good days and bad days just like everyone else. If you're really worried on a quiet day, take a big cold drink and lay down for an hour with your hand on your tummy, and you'll probably realise he's moving but softer. Apparently counting fetal movements is not applicable before week 28 as baby's movements are still so random. Hope this helps!


jen - May 4

i get this too but have noticed that the baby is much more active if i have had a quiet relaxing day off whereas if i am on my feet at work all day it is seems much quieter, think we just dont notice it so much if we are on the move too, plus this kind of lulls the baby to sleep


Staci - May 4

Kara, yes, that does help a lot, especially the fetal kick counts not being applicable before 28 weeks, thats what I was really wondering (wherever did you read that??) Sometimes he kicks my bladder so hard it hurts and makes me jump in surprise, which is what makes it such a noted omission when I dont feel it much for a day or two in a row. There are days I only feel him now and then, which is such a contrast! I am glad others feel the same way. Somedays he kicks sooo hard and all day, and others, a little tap now and then is it. Thanks Jen too, I am glad I am not alone- That theory sounds feasable about it depending on how relaxed or busy I am. If I am really busy perhaps its not as noticable all the time. Then. sometimes my baby kicks so hard that he makes me jump even when I am busy, so I know its hard to ignore! :) Anyone else have input? :)


M - May 4

What does it feel like? I'm between 19 and 20 weeks and I think I've felt my baby boy move but I'm not sure?


Staci - May 5

Some people say fluttering, for me tho it was always more distinct and felt like tapping at the front of my uterus/abdomen. Now that Ive been feeling it for a month or so and its stronger, it feels like a harder knocking/tapping. Its really awesome!


Kara - May 5

staci, I love reading and i have a stack of books from library published by doctors and midwives on pregnancy, "What to expect when you're Expecting" being one of them, and at least 2 or 3 of them mention there is no advantage in counting until week 28, so rest easy! :-)


Staci - May 6

Thanks Kara! I have soo many books, but I couldnt find a "time frame" when to start the kick count. I have that one too, but I dont remember reading that part, lol! You know, the one thing I did see was that youre supposed to be able to buya stethoscope at 20 weeks to hear the babys heartbeat. It hasnt worked for me yet, or for many other people on here (theres a seperate thread about that somewhere here).. so maybe these books should be a bit more specific! :) I would bet they may mean a professional EXPENSIVE scope, as opposed to the $17 nurses scope I bought :( Id love to be able to hear it, sigh.



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