Why Can T I Sleep

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Kathleen - November 7

Ladies, I am 20 weeks pregnant and CAN'T SLEEP!!!! Why is it that I am waking up every hour and not able to go back to sleep???? What is going on?!?!?!?


dani - November 7

Just wait until you hit your third trimester..........I had problems sleeping in my first trimester, but second was fine, and now I'm 31 weeks 3 days and having problems sleeping. I think mostly it's trying to get comfy at night. It could be your hormones too....good luck. Have you tried using a few body pillows? I know that always helps.


Kathleen - November 7

What's causing me to get up all of the time?


Emy - November 7

Hormones probably..we are hot all the time. The baby moving can also wake you up...so can needing to pee, the lack of being comfortable and all sorts of organs and veins being smushed around...the list goes on...I am lucky if I sleep 2 solid hours in a row...


sparkles - November 7

I am having a terrible time trying to sleep, too. I'm 16 weeks and not very big yet, but am having back and hip pain during the night. I, also, just wake up and can't get back to sleep sometimes. Very odd for me, but I figure it has something to do with all the pregnancy changes. Good luck sweetie!


Kimberley - November 7

I am 24 weeks, and I haven't had a decent night sleep since I was 6-8 weeks pregnant. I am usually a very sound sleep, and with my other 3 pregnancies, I am sure it was not like this, until near the end......It is driving me crazy. Doesn't matter how tired I am, I wake up very hour :(


Jennifer - November 8

I seem to wake up every night within a half hour of 1, 3 and 5 o'clock. A friend of mine says my body is getting ready for nighttime feedings.


Sam - November 8

I'm 28 weeks tomorrow, and I usually wake up every night at 3 and am up until 4 or 5. It's infuriating. Last night, I slept through the night (besides a coughing fit and going to the bathroom twice), and it was a luxury.



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