Why Do I Cry All The Time

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hayley817 - June 28

hi all i know this may sound silly but im a mum of a little boy he is nearly 2, and im 16 weeks pregnant, i seem to cry alot lately, and cant shake the feeling of been an emotional wreck, i feel like a child. my mum got flooded out of her house the other day due to bad weathr and i cried with guilt cos i couldnt get there its just silly things like visiting family in my home town and geting in the car to drive home i felt like i was abandoning them, my hubby is in the army so we visit when we can! do you think im been silly or just suffering with my hormones?? many thanks in advance xxxxx


evae777 - June 28

hi hayley, you sound so sad! it should be a happy time. but hey, being sad and crying is better than being mad and frustrated. i get that way too.. i think when pregnant sometimes we need a lot of TLC (tender love and care). i cry sometimes after a kids movie! really it's kinda pathetic and then i get confused as to why im so emotional, but i realize that its not because i am unhappy. and it doesnt sound to me you are unhappy. maybe just feeling alone away from family?


Buffi R. - June 28

Hormones, baby!! :-) I got really weepy in the post-partum period with my first baby, and with this one (I'm 14wks), I had it bad in the 1st trimester. I would cry at happy or sad things - it didn't matter which. Normally I'm a very unemotional person, so I blame it all on the hormones. And maybe the brain-drain that comes from being pregnant like your brain just can't process things like it usually does. My SIL nearly cried through her entire baby shower because she was so touched by all the gifts, people who came, etc. It was a little amusing I have to admit. Keep the tissues handy!! :-)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 28

I was that way for a while...I cried for EVERYTHING for about 2-3 weeks. I cried because my Mom was sad, or I cried because my DH made a funny joke that would normally make me laugh but instead I cried. I cried myself to sleep because of a movie I remembered from a year or so ago. I even cried if my food didn't taste good or was cold. I hated it.


hayley817 - June 29

aww thanks ladies you have cheered me up im not feeling so down today, was just having one of my many moments!!! hope your all ok xxxxx thanks again!!!


lilmamaT - June 29

I had to laugh when I read this only cause I feel the same way all the time. It actually didn't make me cry. I think it is just the hormones!!! It seems like with me it come and it goes. It seems as if it is getting better now that I am farther along. I am 25 weeks and 3 days. Maybe it will get better for you. I just have to say the stupidest thing that made me cry is that my fiance wanted me to go home ( we were visiting our family ) and I didn't want to and I cried. Wow I felt like a baby!! Just hang in there.


HeavenisMine - June 30

It must be pregnancy, don't feel so bad. I cried when I lost a game of sorry, of all things a silly board game! And yesterday I broke down crying in the middle of the sidewalk because some people thought it might be funny to throw their water out of their car window at me and scream something stupid. I mean it was just water and usually I just brush those things off. It's all these changes and hormones causing an already emotional gender to become more emotional.



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